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React Native Application
Development Services

Though being a relatively new technology, React Native has earned a positive reputation among the other popular frameworks. Allowing hybrid app development, it offers many advantages besides that. React Native is an opportunity to create software solutions “out of the box”. This open-source cross-platform technology is ideal for dynamic mobile applications. React Native Mobile development is crucial for businesses to grow, especially in fintech and trading industries, stay competitive and satisfy users’ needs by offering services online.

For a business to be successful, you should think about a mobile application, whom to offer, and where to sell your service or product. The questions of what technology to choose and how to build an app come to mind but are tiresome to an extent? As a react native application development company, we are glad to help you with your search for an ideal solution. We’ll explain how to start a project and provide you with information you should know. If there is such a good percentage of those who love React Native, obviously it indicates that there’s a need for this programming language and it’s growing.

No doubt, React Native holds its position and is necessary for mobile developers worldwide. Facebook actively uses React and React Native as its prime technologies. This helps to drive modernization and unite companies, engineers into a powerful IT community. Indeed, there is no direct alternative to React Native, that could completely replace it. Let’s first find out more about what React Native is, where it can be used and what to expect after using software based on the following technology.

Inoxoft react native app development services

Our React Native engineers can develop top-notch high-performance Android, iOS, and cross-platform applications. Among the react native mobile application development services we offer you can find:

  1. Full-cycle React Native Development

    Inoxoft’s dedicated team develops all kinds of React Native applications within the industries we serve. Thus, you receive expert development, seamless mobile app design, accurate quality testing, and fast maintenance services. In addition, we can provide you with the certified React Native developers to enhance your team and scale.

  2. Сode Audit

    Inoxoft offers code audit services to clients, whose aim is to enhance the existing codebase. For this reason, our team of react native engineers searches for possible code weaknesses and bottlenecks to improve the app’s code quality, performance, speed, and stability.

  3. Maintenance and support

    With the help of the maintenance and support services we provide it is possible to work on different unexpected app crashes or critical bugs immediately. Also, our support team makes pre-planned audits of the code, improvements to the architecture, fixes bugs, and solves the scalability problems of your product so it can meet both business and user needs.

  4. React Native app Server-side APIs

    Is your React Native app without a server? Do you want the app to expand its functionality with the help of a backend solution? Inoxoft’s team of software developers are happy to help and add the backend server the app’s been missing. This is done easily by creating a server for the app and to ensure effective communication between the mobile interface and the server we create APIs.

Why React Native?

React Native is used by software engineers in building mobile applications and creating enjoyable UI/UX design. If you are interested in software targeted to impress end users with fast performance, great design, and convenient usage, you can confidently use React app development services.

Advantages of React Native

React Native is used for hybrid app development. It ensures mobile
development on Android and iOS in a faster time and at fewer costs. We offer to see our services of React Native development company for those who are interested in Android and iOS application development.

React Native Development Services [Web & Mobile App]

React Native, born from React, is the first-class framework that allows building great user interfaces within mobile app development. It is a powerful framework to build mobile apps that feel like “native”.

  • React Native is cost-effective due to its cross-platform capabilities.
  • Its reusable code allows faster development.
  • Great performance – fast-loading applications.

Mobile apps with great
features and intuitive

React Native is the framework with the help of which we can create an awesome user experience. It assists in solving questions like how the application and its design look together, how joyful and easy it is to scroll, to swipe, to return to previous pages or open a new one, do manipulations with animations, how pictures appear, etc.

  • Flawless UI/UX design with push animations, basic transitions, overrides, and gestures
  • Smooth code sharing across Android and Ios platforms
  • Adjusting full screen, portrait, and landscape modes across platforms
  • Dynamic data that allows displaying different content
  • Creation of custom interface
  • Reusable components facilitate collaboration in team
  • React has a rich library and a lot of built-in components
  • Great debugging tools and error detecting
  • Fast-growing developers’ community

React native smoothly interacts with native components via bridge. Starting with event updates, it collects data and notifies JS, then processing the event React Native updates the UI.

Our experience in custom react native development services

The dedicated team of developers at Inoxoft knows what challenges may happen and what solutions will resolve an existing business need. Inoxoft has successfully delivered React Native app development services for clients from the US, UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Israel, and other countries.

React Native Development Services [Web & Mobile App]

Development of apps in React Native demands knowledge in JavaScript, JSX, CSS, HTML, Redux, animations and this is not the full list. It is evolving technology in which Inoxoft react native developers have solid experience. In a team of skilled engineers, we develop expertise in React Native and other technologies. Building hybrid platforms with Inoxoft is conducted at a high level and with great dedication. We execute correctly the business logic and unite requirements into a single perfectly working solution.

Inoxoft has 6 years of experience in designing and delivering software applications for a wide range of clients with different business needs. Our case studies disclose narrow-field cases we worked on. Challenges we resolved and unique solutions we applied to achieve the clients’ ultimate needs help to reveal and understand our baggage of experience for those, who want to partner with us for the first time. As well, we provide React native consulting services for scaling up and improving your business.

React Native App
Development Cost

How to estimate the cost of react native app development services? The exact price can be established by experts after the timeframes, requirements, and business needs are known.

Business analysts, project managers, team leaders, engagement and delivery managers gather to evaluate all clients’ requirements. To provide reasonable time and money estimation some metrics, diagrams, and analytics are to be conducted. In such a flow, Inoxoft defines the cost for project by negotiating and discussing each and every detail with a client. Though, it is also possible to define an average cost for web and mobile application development with App Cost Calculator. It is online and immediately shows the price for the desired services.

The average price for iOS development range from $1050 – $4095, and Android from $1200 – $3900. To note, estimation depends on project complexity, additional features, team composition etc. Where can you request react native application development services and explore how software application development is organized at Inoxoft? Contact us and ask for any information you want to have at your disposal. You’ll receive a response from our expert, who is ready to provide you with comprehensive details on all the existing questions.

How we deliver solutions?

Custom react native application development company that specializes in web and mobile software in various fields is ready to realize your idea. Inoxoft is a company you can trust and form a reliable partnership with benefits.

We are an outsourcing company and deliver solutions for clients from the USA, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Canada. Inoxoft developers have solid experience in React Native application development. We deliver
tailor-made solutions that fulfill particular business needs and help businesses grow.

Hundreds of enterprise owners give preference to Inoxoft, its best team of React native developers, and a wide range of available services. Partnering with Inoxoft you receive:

Reliability and responsiveness
Proactive team of React native app developers
Delivery that ensures 100% quality
Clearly communicated results
Delivery within requested timeframes
React native consulting
Flexibility in solving challenges
Complete idea realization
Full maintenance of the project
Dedication to clients’ success
Skilled project managers
Attractive final product
Our clients watch great changes and receive amazing results with our outsourcing react native application development services today. We work on improvements to functionality that optimizes the budget and time spent on implementation. Committed to the business needs of our partners, we prioritize transparent communication and long-term business relations.

Core industries

Our Clients

A big number of our clients are satisfied with Inoxoft’s expertise in React Native development and come back to us to implement new ideas as well as meet their other business needs.


As a reputable outsourcing firm, Inoxoft is open to long-term cooperation with you. Here you don’t need to know anything about popular technologies as skilled react native app developers will do everything for you quickly. It is a real fact that was checked by thousands of thankful clients.

Don’t hesitate and apply to the company to get professional assistance with your own project at tasty pricing. Believe it will be your best decision for sure. Get in touch with us via email, phone, or Skype. Don’t be shy to ask any questions you are interested in. Start earning money at last!

Inoxoft is an experienced agency that partners with small, and medium businesses and startups that need to build software and are looking specifically for custom React Native app development services You are welcome to send us a request directly from this page. Describe your idea, and your business, and tell us about your requirements and what type of application you would like to have. You can request for modernization of your business and increase income, and recognition on the Market. You can apply to us for assistance in launching an application for a startup.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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