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Сustom software development for startup

Inoxoft is a software development company for startups from all over the world. We have 7 years of experience in transforming unique business ideas into top-notch market-ready solutions. To make this journey seamless and convenient, we offer startups and entrepreneursе the following services:

Industry-based software development services for startups


In Education we keep up with trends and use AI та ML technologies. It impacts automation, process speed, as well as the ability to personalize learning. You can take advantage of:



In Logistics, Inoxoft’s experts develop tailor-made custom software solutions, for:

  • Cloud capabilities
  • Supply chain monitoring
  • Management systems
  • Production planning
  • Warehouse and inventory management
  • Budget planning

With the help of specific features and programming tools, we ensure smooth industry operations.


In Fintech , we offer web and mobile platforms development with a narrow focus on.

Our team is here to ensure companies leverage trading success, resolve their automation challenges, and digitize finance services. Also we provide banking security and cybersecurity services.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Inoxoft provides first-class real estate software development services that will allow you to manage the property in the most convenient way. You’ll receive top-notch software (e.g. CRM, MLS or CMS) that will boost your performance, improve productivity and add extra value on the market.

Software Development Process for Startups

To make software development for startups efficient, we established a clear and smooth development process that covers everything from requirements analysis to post-release support.

  1. Requirements Gathering

    To understand the idea we gather everything that is related to future software. It may be: technical documentation, high-level requirements and personal preferences.

  2. Discovery Phase

    If the initial business idea is raw and lacks required data, we recommend initiating the Discovery Phase. Our experts evaluate the business, functional and non-functional requirements, give advice on the system’s functionality, and search user’s pain-points to get the best solutions to satisfy your needs.

  3. Development

    This is that exact time to bring your idea to life. After setting up requirements, we proceed with the UX and UI design, backend and frontend development. As we work according to the agile methodology, you will be aware of any changes through the entire process.

  4. Quality Assurance

    It’s difficult to underestimate this process as it involves finding defects and gives confidence in the 100% quality of the solution. The testing process depends on the requirements and may include functional testing (based on making an input and examining the output). And performance testing (the process of finding out the speed, scalability, and stability of the system).

  5. Maintenance

    We are in charge of keeping your application up-to-date, decreasing any bugs and updating an app with new features.

Benefits from custom software development for startup

While we take care of the software you can:

Focus on core processes
Reduce cost on development
Get a third party view on the idea
Get access to extended talent pool
Experience fewer risks
Run marketing campaigns

Our Tech Stack

Our team covers all the innovative technologies to ensure the quality of full-cycle product development for startups. Inoxoft’s tech stack for system integration services includes:

Get advantages from working with our software developers for startups

  1. As a software development provider, Inoxoft has successfully delivered a number of cutting-edge solutions for clients from the USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Israel, Australia, and the Netherlands.

  2. 70% of our clients reach us by references given by our previous business partners.

  3. Inoxoft is well-recognized by the global tech market. In 2021 we took 11th place among 250 leading development and IT companies in Ukraine.

  4. Depending on your requirements, our team will offer a cooperation model that suits you best, taking into account project complexity, time scope and budget.

  5. In case you want to test your idea, our Business Analyst will help you to determine essential features for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) before creating a software from start to finish.

  6. Our team has deep expertise in technologies, programming languages and information security flow.

  7. We provide end-to-end software development, including devops services, data analysis, software design, quality assurance, deployment, and maintenance.

Present us your idea and we’ll produce the best application architecture, saas platform or any other technology decisions and to satisfy all of your business needs.


We take a personal approach to each client and use any required technology to deliver efficient software product development for startups. Here you can check a few stories of how our expertise and project management have helped our clients succeed with their products.

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