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Do you have a lot of unstructured data and want to use it for the benefit of your business? The data you need is stored at diverse locations and diverse users? Or your existing databases are really big and valuable, but you lack services and tools to process them and start to use them at your organisation?

Inoxoft offers Data Science and Big Data Analytics services to extract valuable insights from data and apply effective solutions on a strategic, operational and tactical levels.

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Data Science and Big Data Analytics Services
Data analytics and transformation

Sort and organize raw information coming from external sources as well as your internal data, transforming it into necessary formats which are ready for analysis.

Setting correlations between data sets
Conducting further analysis
Receive insights
data-driven decisions
Data Science and Big Data Analytics Services
Natural Language Processing

Analyze complex datasets of text, to gain insights on sentiment, auto-quote or process data, improve customer service, build chatbots and more.

Data Science and Big Data Analytics Services
Computer Vision

Substitute human manual work with smart algorithms which make computer machines able to learn from experience. Leverage image recognition in everything from medical diagnosis to retail applications.

Data Science and Big Data Analytics Services
Predictive Analytics

Detect trends, markets and risks before they emerge.

Data Science and Big Data Analytics Services
Sales prediction

Be ready for product demand spikes and let your advertisements reach users who are interested in services of your company.

Data Science and Big Data Analytics Services
Pricing analytics

Define profitable prices and create pricing strategy for your business with regulated markdown and discount processes.

Data Science and Big Data Analytics Services
Marketing optimization

Come up with a marketing plan based on measured, analyzed and compared customer behaviour data. Predict what trends people will follow and what preferences of the target audience would be before it becomes apparent.

Data Analysis Services for Logistics

Inoxoft as a big data analytics company offers its expertise in creating data-driven systems for logistics and supply chain management. Having beneficial data insights and automated systems, companies can avoid multiple risks in delivery with the help of data infrastructure, boost the quality and speed of all processes with correct business intelligence.

  • Automate manual and
    time-consuming processes in supply chain
  • Optimize warehouse space wisely
  • Reduce inventory and transportation costs
  • Forecast product demand, markdown and prices
  • Enhance security and performance of personnel
  • Develop intelligent route planning and scheduling
  • Map product flows and interactions between agents involved

Healthcare Data Analytics

Medical institutions can empower the domain with life-saving solutions if available data is used in full potential.

  1. Facilitate treatment efficacy with data analytics

  2. Use data from doctor’s visits, blood tests, genetic information and more to detect health issues

  3. Prevent development of diseases with on-time discovery of symptoms or changes in health with analysis of health data and factors

  4. Personalize medical services and treatment

  5. Make EHR systems smart and intuitive

  6. Empower doctors with intelligent digital assistants for diagnosing

Fintech data analytics services

Put your efforts into big data analytics services and receive award-winning directions on how to run your business.

Data Science and Big Data Analytics Services

Automate investment process with smart algorithms

Data Science and Big Data Analytics Services

Extract meaningful insights to empower better trading strategies

Data Science and Big Data Analytics Services

Improve customer service and financial advisory

Data Science and Big Data Analytics Services

Strengthen security of financial operations

Data Science and Big Data Analytics Services

Discover global financial markets and risks to make better financial decisions in business

BIG DATA analytics services In EDUCATION

Student surveys, texts, passed online tests, finished online courses and educational games can tell so much about what people lack, how to adjust teaching methodologies to personal preferences and provide new digital education to new generations.

  1. Improve quality of e-learning and assessment

  2. Receive insights on learners performance, attention and habits

  3. Detect students behaviour based on interaction with software

  4. Conduct text mining to evaluate students skills, self-reflection, emotions and more

  5. Improve student enrollment and career direction

  6. Assist students in any queries via chatbots

Inoxoft value partnerships

Inoxoft is international software development, data science company that has delivered 80+ custom digital solutions to the USA, UK, Netherlands, Israel, Canada, Sweden, Norway and other countries.

Data Science and Big Data Analytics Services
  • We offer you a model of cooperation that suits your budget, requirements and time frames
  • We hire the best talent into teams with engineering experience in the domain and readiness to implement specific solutions
  • We ensure support and expert view from the very beginning till the release of the product
  • We work according to key principles of success in project management which are Iterative Delivery and Expectation Management
  • We put openness and loyalty first to know our clients needs and enrich their businesses with best-of-class software

If you are interested in custom Big Data services or Data Science services, please feel free to chat with our expert. Our firm offers consulting services and will provide you with all the details on outsourcing partnership and development at Inoxoft, the big science company, that can help you confidently start the project.

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