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Product Development

Want to develop a new product but has no experience in software development? Provide us a need, vision, and get a comprehensive business solution.

Product Development Services

Team Extension

Already defined requirements, budget, and time-frames? Hire our experts and we’ll realize your vision planned in advance.

IT Staff Augmentation Services

Dedicated Team

Stay engaged in the development of your product: create, view, and deliver side-by-side with a team of experienced people.

Dedicated Development Team

AI development

Rely on our AI expertise to unlock the untapped potential of vast data amounts and achieve tangible results.

Artificial Intelligence Development Company

Our clients

Toshiba Nivea Vestel Slooh Rhenus Logistics Synergy UCSanDiego Bos Dimex APA Insurance Shelf Risk and Life
Tech stack
Software Development Services
We offer a wide range of development services to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our dedicated development team delivers high-quality software solutions that exceed your expectations. We're passionate about helping businesses succeed and believe that the right software can make a world of difference.
Web development
Web development

Ensure the increased potential of business ideas and enable its competitive abilities on the market with our custom web solutions.

Mobile Application Development
Mobile Application Development

Elevate your brand's presence on the market with our experience in mobile app development services.

Discovery phase
Discovery phase

Implement your business idea and create the best solutions ever to satisfy your target users’ needs consulting with our experts.

UI/UX design
UI/UX design

Give your business a chance to differentiate and earn the attention of investors with the power of our eye-catching designs.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Embody your vision of QA business goals by starting with discussion and improvements of an idea with our team.

IT security
IT security

Identify risks, limit damage, and avoid financial losses with a full range of cybersecurity services and solutions.

Data Science
Data Science and Big Data Analytics

Extract valuable insights from data and apply effective solutions with our data science analytics services.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Build the world’s finest software solutions and thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape with our AI/ML development services.

The Technology Platforms We Use
We build robust solutions aligned with your client's business goals, using any tech stack you need. Our tech-agnostic experts speak every language (Python, React, and more!) and embrace cutting-edge tech to keep you ahead. From ideation to launch, we handle it all, saving you time and hassle.
Flutter App Development
Flutter App Development Services

There are many opportunities that new technologies are giving to us.

Python and Django development
Python & Django development services

Inoxoft is a python web and mobile development company. We offer high-quality web solutions in this programming language.

.net development
.net development services

Inoxoft projects are mostly based on .NET and having realized 80 software solutions.

Node.js development
Node.js development services

Javascript has efficient frameworks and you can certainly take advantage of one of them, namely Node.js.

React.JS development
React.JS development services

Rich user interfaces are the ones created with ReactJS development services.

React Native development
React Native development services

Though being a relatively new technology, React Native has earned a positive reputation.

iOS app development
iOS app development services

iOS mobile app development services significantly helps businesses thrive.

Android application development
Android application development services

Our app development company helps clients worldwide to start mobile development for their business.

We Provide IT Services to Various Industries

We specialize in crafting reliable software solutions tailored to diverse industries. Our custom development services are designed to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and drive profitability for businesses of all sizes. With a proven track record across various sectors, we're committed to empowering your business success.
Real Estate Software Development Real Estate Software Development hovered
Real Estate Software Development
Healthcare Software Development Healthcare Software Development hovered
Healthcare Software Development
Education Software Development Education Software Development hovered
Education Software Development
Finance Software Development Finance Software Development hovered
Finance Software Development
Custom Logistic Software Development Custom Logistic Software Development hovered
Custom Logistic Software Development
Real Estate Software Development
Inoxoft, a software development company, empowers real estate and construction businesses to thrive through custom software solutions. We have completed numerous projects that have helped companies in these industries streamline their business processes, enhance operational efficiency, and improve customer service. We understand the importance of project cost and work closely with our clients to ensure that their projects are completed within budget and on time.
Healthcare Software Development
Transform patient experiences with custom software and mobile apps. Inoxoft, a leading custom healthcare app development company, crafts tailored solutions driven by high-skilled professionals and deep domain expertise. We deliver innovative, rigorously tested software, including mobile apps, for diverse medical institutions, empowering them to elevate patient care.
Education Software Development
By embracing e-learning, corporations can potentially reduce project costs by around 60% compared to traditional face-to-face training. App development provides a cost-effective and time-efficient way to meet the growing demand for flexible and accessible learning options. With custom solutions tailored to specific needs and advanced technologies like gamification, AI personalization educational institutions can create immersive and engaging learning experiences that empower students to succeed.
Finance Software Development
We provide expertise in crafting secure software applications and digital solutions that enhance efficiency, reliability, and user experience. Our focus on data security and data analytics ensures that our clients have access to valuable insights and make informed decisions. By partnering with Inoxoft, businesses can leverage our extensive experience and cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation and stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving fintech landscape.
Custom Logistic Software Development
Inoxoft is a logistics software development company that creates custom logistics software solutions. We help with gathering data for better performance, real-time fleet management, and vehicle tracking, tracking product data, barcode scanning, and all kinds of systems for safe and improved supply chain services.
Case studies
NFT Marketplace for Creators and Collectors
The first web-based NFT platform that makes the authentication of digital art easy while avoiding the need to engage users in complex blockchain processes.
e-Commerce , NFT
Node. JS , ReactJS , AWS , Biconomy , DynamoDB , Elastic search , Pinata , Serverless , Typescript , Web3
MacBook NFT Marketplace for Creators and CollectorsPoster Video NFT Marketplace for Creators and Collectors
The Client
The client is a team of digital art enthusiasts that aims at solving originality and authenticity problems in the world of internet-powered art. Thus, they own an online marketplace for digital assets, focusing on NFTs.
Business Need

The crypto world is hard to access for an average user who tries to manage all the advanced security steps. This repels most non-technical people. The business idea was to allow users to enjoy the crypto & blockchain world while keeping everything simple.

Case studies
Equine registration platform for tracking racehorses’ welfare
Equine platform which allow racehorse owners and all people involved in equestrian sport to manage, control and update information about the horses’ welfare, activities and any issues occurring.
Healthcare , Business Automatization , Equine
.NET core , ReactJS , ASP.NET Core , AWS Lambda , Azure , Azure DevOps CI/CD , Azure SQL DB Server , Azure Storage , MS SQL Server , React Redux , Typescript , WordPress Bedrock
MacBook Equine registration platform for tracking racehorses’ welfarePoster Video Equine registration platform for tracking racehorses’ welfare
The Client
Our client is a Canadian-based technology company that revolves around the horse industry and invests in the equine business. The company and its partners wanted to contribute to equine care and business services by developing top-notch technology solutions.
Project Idea

The project's idea was to optimize information about the horses' daily activities and organize it into one tracking system, where every activity and event they participated in could be recorded and accessible to their owners or equine industry service professionals.

Case studies
An On-Demand Delivery App of Essential Home Fuels
An on-demand web and mobile application that focuses on delivery service for refills and new purchases of essential home fuels.
e-Commerce , Marketplace
Flutter , Python (Django) , AWS , HTML&CSS , JS , PostgreSQL
Poster Video An On-Demand Delivery App of Essential Home Fuels
The Client
Our client is a USA-based entrepreneur who wanted to make the distribution of home fuels accessible for the local citizens and delivered according to American legal and technical standards.
Project Idea

The project idea was to develop software to provide essential home fuels for American citizens within the states. The solution would facilitate the search and purchase of supplies, considering the regulation of American law.

Case studies
Marketplace for local businesses
A feature-rich online marketplace that handles inventory & customer service and allows businesses to run a merchandise store with no effort.
Python (Django) , ReactJS , AWS , Django REST framework , EC2 , PostgreSQL , React Redux
MacBook Marketplace for local businessesPoster Video Marketplace for local businesses
The Client
Our client is a European entrepreneur with a great passion for local communities and their positive impact on people. His startup is focused on helping local clubs, charities, and establishments get more financial support from local fans, members, or customers.
Project Idea

Volunteer-based local clubs, teams, and events tend to have limited resources and with the Pandemic affecting all communities, these local initiatives went under existential threat. The client turned to Inoxoft with the idea to offer local groups a free tool to increase their budgets and help them thrive.

Case studies
Сross-platform mobile app & Web platform for Amenity Management Company
Feature-rich web platform and mobile app for amenity management and digital concierge services
Real Estate , Amenity Management
Flutter , Python (Django) , ReactJS , AWS , Celery , Dart , Django , Django REST framework , Firebase , JavaScript , Material UI , PostgreSQL , pytest , RabbitMQ , Redux , Stripe , Typescript
MacBook Сross-platform mobile app &  Web platform for Amenity Management CompanyPoster Video Сross-platform mobile app &  Web platform for Amenity Management Company
The Client
Founded in 2006, our client has grown from a small start-up into an established full-service luxury lifestyle brand with over 70 properties across the luxury amenity landscape. The company provides comprehensive amenity management, construction, design, and digital concierge services.
Business Need

In the highly competitive environment of different services, you always strive to create a unique experience for a customer with the highest quality service demand. You need clear control over internal processes and also provide a hassle-free tool for excellent user experience with a touch of a palm.

Case studies
SaaS web-based platform and mobile application for waste management startup
A cutting-edge SaaS web-based platform and mobile application for waste management in commercial and office buildings.
MacBook SaaS web-based platform and mobile application for waste management startupPoster Video SaaS web-based platform and mobile application for waste management startup
The Client
Our client is an Australian entrepreneur who has become Inoxoft’s regular partner with several successful projects behind. The technology company they co-founded provides data-driven solutions to the waste, transport and facilities management industries.
Project Idea

The idea behind the project was to help office building owners and managers optimize waste management processes by creating a resourceful tracking solution. The client wanted a platform that would allow managers to track the amount of produced waste from tenants, how well they sort it, and how much is being sent to landfill so that they can make informed decisions on reducing waste and saving money.

Award-winning software development company

Leading rating & review platforms rank Inoxost among top software development companies due to our tech assistance in clients’ digital transformation


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    Software Solutions We Deliver arrow

    At Inoxoft, we understand that every business is unique and has specific goals. That’s why we specialize in developing custom software solutions that fit your needs and project cost. Our experienced team works closely with you to understand your business challenges and objectives before meticulously crafting software products that streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and overcome those challenges.

    We believe in open communication and transparency throughout the entire development process. This ensures the final product aligns perfectly with your vision while managing project costs effectively.

    • Web Applications

      Custom websites & web apps tailored to your business goals, built by our skilled software developers.

    • Mobile Applications

      Native iOS & Android, cross-platform apps optimized for your business, leveraging the expertise of our mobile app development team.

    • CRM Systems

      Customer relationship management solutions to enhance customer experience, delivered by our experts.

    • ERP Systems

      Enterprise resource planning systems to streamline business processes, implemented by our software developers.

    • BI Systems

      Business intelligence solutions to gain valuable insights from data, provided by our highly skilled developing team.

    • Cloud Solutions

      Migrate your data & applications to the cloud for scalability & security, with the help of our experienced development company.

    • IT Consulting

      Expert advice on developing software to help you choose the best solution, offered by our dedicated software developers.

    Our Software Development Process arrow

    Engaging in software development projects entails a complex and iterative process, necessitating meticulous planning, skillful execution, and continuous improvement. At Inoxoft, we recognize the significance of extracting insights from each stage of the software development lifecycle, encompassing business analysis and the development of a software project, to effectively navigate from inception to launch while managing development costs.

    • Project initiation

      During the discovery phase, as part of our software consulting services, we delve deeply into gaining comprehensive insights into your business needs, uncovering opportunities, and defining clear goals for the project. In-depth consultations, market research, and stakeholder interviews, integral to our software consulting approach, help us identify pain points and lay the foundation for a transformative software solution tailored to your project.

    • Project Planning

      To guarantee a successful and efficient execution of software products, we emphasize meticulous planning. Collaborating with our team, you formulate a detailed roadmap, delineate the project scope, set deadlines, and allocate resources. The process is accompanied by clear communication and effective coordination to promptly achieve the best results.

    • Design

      The design phase bridges the gap between concept and reality. Our design team creates wireframes, mockups, and prototypes that visualize the final product. This stage include User Experience (UX) Design, User Interface (UI) Design and prototyping.

    • Agile Development

      Agile development, with its emphasis on iterative and incremental progress, along with continuous feedback and course correction throughout the development process, showcases a fascinating ability to adapt to changes. This, coupled with the collaborative approach fostered by agile methodologies, contributes to successful project outcomes. The end result is a product that genuinely aligns with the evolving needs of the target audience. This approach is further enhanced when guided by effective technology consulting.

    • Quality Assurance Testing

      Inoxoft is committed to delivering a seamless user experience, and to ensure this, we implement rigorous quality assurance testing, leveraging a robust quality management system. Our QA engineers meticulously evaluate every aspect of the web product, conducting comprehensive tests to identify and resolve potential issues or bugs. As part of our custom web app development services, we also offer QA automation testing services for both mobile and web applications.

    • Delivery and Deployment

      In this pivotal stage of software development process, our dedicated team meticulously configures your software for deployment, considering all technical specifications and requirements. Our goal is not just to deliver software but to ensure a successful launch that aligns seamlessly with your business objectives.

    • Maintenance and Support

      Your software is in good hands. We understand that software development is an ongoing process. Once your software is deployed, we offer a comprehensive maintenance and support service to ensure that it continues to meet your needs and perform at its best.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Software Development?

    Software development is the process of creating software applications. This involves various stages, from conceptualizing the idea and defining requirements to writing code, testing it, and deploying the final product.

    What is the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?

    The SDLC is a framework that outlines the different phases of software development, typically including planning, requirements gathering, design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. Following a structured SDLC ensures a well-organized and efficient development process.

    How do you control the quality of the software you deliver?

    We implement a rigorous quality assurance (QA) process throughout the SDLC. This includes unit testing, integration testing, user acceptance testing, and automated testing tools. We also strive for open communication and collaboration with our clients to ensure alignment with their expectations.

    How long does it take to develop a project?

    The development timeline depends on several factors, including the project’s complexity, size, and features. We provide a detailed estimation after thoroughly understanding your specific needs and requirements.

    How much do software development services cost?

    The cost of software development varies based on the project’s scope, duration, required resources, and chosen technologies. We offer transparent pricing models and work collaboratively to create a solution that fits your budget.