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Every new day brings us new tendencies. Methods which have been efficient recently do not work today. It is not surprising at all. It refers to all sphere of our life no matter where a person lives and works.

Most successful companies would never be such without great software. It is the best tool in achieving all stated goals and increasing the number of customers. So it is not a surprise outsourcing companies that offer Node.JS development is very popular these days.

Find out more about Node.JS

The evolution of JavaScript every year makes it possible for web developers to create a large number of new technologies and innovative applications. One of the most interesting and popular tools for building easily scalable network applications is Node.JS.

It is a famous server platform aimed for working with JavaScript via the V8 engine. JavaScript executes an action on the client side and the Node on the server. You can write full-fledged applications with it. Node.JS can also function with external libraries, invoke commands from JavaScript code, and even act as a web server.

What is the benefit of

It is easier to scale with Node.JS. At simultaneous connection to the server of a thousand users Node works asynchronously, that puts priorities and distributes resources more competently. For example, Java allocates a separate thread for every connection.

What is the benefit of

There are lots of various services which will be glad to offer you professional
assistance with your website. But it doesn’t mean you’ll get really necessary
help at good pricing. Unlike them, Inoxoft developers know everything about
Magento design and its strong and weak points. Hundreds of users choose
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Pleasant prices

You’ll hardly find a company with more reasonable prices. Here everyone can easily get fantastic assistance at low cost. Inoxoft takes care of your money and won’t waste the budget for sure.

Skilled developers

Inoxoft hires only qualified and educated developers. All of them have enough knowledge of Node.JS technology as well as experience in working with it. The main aim of every specialist at each phase is to embody all the client’s ideas and introduce a unique solution.

Attentive support system

Have any questions? Don’t be shy and ask any of them. Qualified workers are available 24/7. They will provide you with all the necessary information immediately.


Node.JS works on the basis of one thread and uses non-blocking input/output for calls, which allows it to support tens of thousands of simultaneous connections (stored in the event loop). Does it sound quite difficult? Never mind. Inoxoft experts know everything about the following technology that allows presenting clients the best web application.

So if you want to be one of the lucky users Node.JS software then do not waste time and hurry up to apply to Inoxoft. The best outsourcing service is waiting for you.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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