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Spectrums, where e-learning development is playing an essential role, comprise not only universities, schools, and colleges. Enterprises, large and small corporations, companies owning and launching online educational platforms, researching institutions, startups in education – all of them consider education software to be of prime importance. Education software solutions are now used for various purposes at work, for people management and motivation promotion, preparing personnel to be sharp-minded, business and tech-savvy.

To attract the learner’s attention, reduce amounts of paperwork and transform learning into an enjoyable online experience is no means a task of e-learning software development. It is a real competitive advantage to support your company with online training, experience an increase in productivity and see improvements in profit.

Custom e-learning
development services

As an education software development company, we design the best solution
to upgrade learning with the high-standard e-learning platforms. We’ve
successfully delivered various e-learning apps for scientists, amateurs,
researchers, online platform owners, students - all working in Finance, Science, Logistics, Medicine, eCommerce, HR, and other domains.

custom education software
development at Inoxoft


Inoxoft provides e-learning development that fulfills customer’s specific business needs

  • Corporate and continuous learning at companies and in teams.
  • Online education guides and courses for academic purposes .
  • Platforms allowing remote open source explorations, researchers, observations.
  • Cloud knowledge management systems for community forums.
  • E-learning applications with gamification and monetization systems.
  • Multimedia authoring software for personalized content creation.
  • Knowledge management systems and data analytics.

Inoxoft strong expertise in
the education industry

Inoxoft provides top education software for employee’s targeted training, e-learning platforms for business-oriented teams as well as software academic institutions’ educational needs. Our engineers’ validated experience by client reviews allows creating e-learning applications with a variety of features and great functionality. Fulfillment of business needs and all requirements are priorities for education app development at Inoxoft. If you are looking for education software developers, we guarantee high-quality educational mobile apps.

We specialize in creating efficient and scalable e-learning platforms that can include online assessment & reporting tools, indexing – to extract key information, automatic searching through the context using appropriate tags. E-learning application development is done in compliance with Intellectual Property, Certification Approval legal processes.

Great full-stack services
for e-learning solutions

Solid expertise in technologies and languages to build custom e-learning
solutions for mobile (iOS and Android platforms), web and desktop.
Our web software solutions are developed in React JS, Node JS, .Net, Python, React Native, Azure, CSS, HTML and more on the list.

Inoxoft can deliver the product you need no matter whether it is language learning application, brain-teasing application, self-education platform on varied thematics, or tutoring, mentorship educational software. Professional team of education software developers will develop the feature strictly according to your requirements. In course of e-learning app development we also create cloud-based applications with effective searching tools that ensure convenient user communication with the system, curriculum planning, reporting & assessment, in-built analytical tools, etc.

Inoxoft receives requests for
Third-party API integrated e-learning
software compatible with IoT devices
Knowledge-based systems for specific domains and intelligent analytics
Implementation of IVR Interactive Voice Response tools and ChatBots
Aligning with Calendar and real-time schedules
Personalized Customer Services and convenient user’s onboarding
Integration with Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, and other tools, etc
Content Management Systems
Payment Gateways integration
Document Management tools
Machine Learning and NLP systems

Benefits of Project
Development at Inoxoft

  1. Full-life cycle project development

    We carefully plan each stage of project implementation and each detail is negotiated with the client. We stay open to improvements and flexible to changes in terms of learning management software development services.

  2. Excellent Delivery

    Delivery Managers at Inoxoft take responsibility for presenting a client with custom e-learning high-class products. It is a winning advantage that ensures 100% success in delivered education applications.

  3. An individual approach for customized e-learning solutions

    Commitment to business needs and client’s ideas. Project implementation at Inoxoft starts when all sides are ensured that in the reliability of goals, an effective definition of business needs that match all requirements. We strive only for perfect solutions.

  4. Discovery Phase and Business Analyst support

    We help clients grow and improve. At Inoxoft we conduct requirements refining, consultancy on features, determine project scope and planning, provide the best time-money ratio, present team composition for e-learning app development. The feedback from our partners testifies to the importance of conducting Business Analysis.

Tendencies in education app
development services

Advances in e-learning software development services have reached unbelievable boundaries and influence the experience of learners, help business receives good turnover and universities receive an increase in better students’ engagement. With progressing technologies, it’s becoming more evident that teaching the next generations will be effective only in online mode.

Nowadays people consider education application development as a cost and time-effective way to satisfy demand for learning a plethora of things from one place. Statistics show that corporations save around 60% if they replace face-to-face classroom training with e-learning.

Trends in e-learning software development 2020 would be:
  • Adaptive learning with opportunity to choose content for learning, skip or dig deeper into what’s necessary.
  • Microlearning tools – games, quizzes, video and image loaded content, intelligent chatbot that involve AI development.
  • Gamified interactive approach with scores, badges hierarchy learning systems where users receive roles, go through levels, track performance etc.
  • For better indulgence, complete attention capturing, to add entertainment but still pursuing educational purposes, nowadays we have the privilege to create Virtual Reality classes.

Virtual and Augmented reality education software is alluring tendency according to which software engineers will build unique video classroom educational software. Virtual learning develops and progresses rapidly. Inclinations of the largest education software providers show that the predictions of widespread online VR learning are already coming true for the near future.

Education software for
new generation of learners

gamified-services-for-educationEducation Software Development Company - Inoxoft ▼▼▼

The generation that is defined to be around 72 million people born from 1996-2010 is 100% digital children with an all-day connection to social networks, websites, blogs and platforms. They demand to have opportunities immediately in their hands by one click. They are to be unique and quick, so long searches for information, time-consuming reading is not for them.

That explains why educational mobile app transform in fast speeding, virtual, online with more video content, an apt attractive intro into courses. The need to cultivate a generation that can show more progress and productivity than previous generation X is the 21st century’s challenge. Later these youngsters find the work and if the company does not provide profound training and e-learning software solutions for self-development, they won’t stay.

People today have plenty of possibilities to educate themselves and obviously the first,prime and the most available opportunity is educational software development. If it does not exist, they create opportunities themselves – a new job, launching startups, etc. We are all switching to e-Learning education because technology evolution demands that. Generation is going to have unlimited access to software solutions. If they are not provided with that, let’s be honest – the period of stagnation and degradation awaits us without education application development.

That’s a dangerous thing apparently for academic institutions, Universities, and colleges. It is very noticeable, how Universities suffer if they are not supplied with online courses, digital libraries, remote online tests assessment. Contention among IT companies, large corporations impacts the speed at which education software development expands and the number of requests to build education software solutions.


Services of e-learning development should meet the expectations of the 21st century society. Education applications are to be attractive, with awesome user experience, high-speed loading pages, compatible at mobiles, laptops, and platforms. Intelligent tutorial systems, publishing and authoring software, solutions for graphic tools, software for special needs are vital.

Trends are changeable and it is estimated that real-time chatting and social media posting will help boost performance and anyway, they intrude the learning processes where learners can realize, share, post, distribute and gain their skills and knowledge potential.

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