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Education software development services help businesses, universities and schools increase students’ engagement and digitize learning. Corporations save around 60% if they replace face-to-face classroom training with e-learning. App development is a cost and time-effective way to satisfy people’s demand for learning a plethora of topics online and wherever they are.

Services we offer

Inoxoft as an education software development company provides:
  1. E-learning software development

    Scalable e-learning platforms for variety of domains

  2. Learning Management System Development

    Custom learning apps for educational and business needs

  3. School Management Software Development

    Apps for managing schools and educational institutions

Create e-learning apps

We ensure delivering solutions that will meet your specific requirements in a way which suits you organization the best. Create scalable e-learning and educational software:
  • Possibility for open source collaborations and researches
  • Data analytics dashboards
  • Content creation and authoring
  • Gamification and simulation modules
  • Perfect assessment skills tools

Learning management systems

We ensure delivering solutions that will meet your specific requirements in a way which suits you organization the best. Create scalable e-learning and educational software:
Database of knowledge materials

Database of knowledge materials

Documents and content handling tools for teachers

Documents and content handling tools for teachers

Integrations with design apps, calendars, schools’ ERP and IoT devices

Integrations with design apps, calendars, schools’ ERP and IoT devices

Modules for class trainings and self-education

Modules for class trainings and self-education

Performance analytics tools

Performance analytics

School management apps

School management apps

We offer schools and educational institutions to digitize processes and meet organizational and instructional needs with robust education software solutions. Our customized apps for schools ensure effective:

  • Staff management and great onboarding of newcomers
  • Control of fees, scholarships and fundings
  • Convenient cloudbase of documents
  • Monitoring students information and performance
  • Management of events and news
  • Equipment, transport and warehouse management

Add more diverse features

Inoxoft provides top education software development services. We’ll help you empower teachers and students with software which makes the learning process simpler, time and cost effective. LMS solutions are part of our education software development. Get the opportunity to develop an app with
  • Adaptive learning to adjust topic, level and style for learning
  • Microlearning tools – games, quizzes with video and images
  • 360 and virtual reality experiences
  • Intelligent AI chatbots
  • Leadership boards with scores
  • Customized onboarding
  • Offline access

Solutions for educational institutions

Are you an educational organization which encounters challenges in digitization learning processes? If you seek a reliable engineering team to implement custom software, we offer our certified education development services. Inoxoft will help you to promote digitalization in the education industry and:
Database of knowledge materials

Develop secure software for your school

Documents and content handling tools for teachers

Accelerate and simplify admissions

Integrations with design apps, calendars, schools’ ERP and IoT devices

Automate paper processes

Modules for class trainings and self-education

Make management effective via single app

Performance analytics tools

Digitise educational content

App development for business

App development for business

We offer educational software for enterprises and companies which want to engage their employees into specialized learning and help them upgrade their career. Create or improve corporate training solutions with intuitive interface, great design and fast performance to:

  • Provide employees with personalized training
  • Establish effective learning strategies at company
  • Conduct talent analysis
  • Offer simulations for better onboarding and skills learning
  • Integrate with HR to innovate personnel management

Benefits you get

With education software development services businesses and educational institutions transform learning into an enjoyable online experience. Create new opportunities with education software:
Promote and design digital educational content
Monetize your solution and increase in profit
Unite learners and researchers globally
Improve employee’s satisfaction
Make education accessible for everyone
Reduce amounts of paperwork

Why Inoxoft

Our software development company has realized diverse educational solutions for the USA, Netherlands, UK, Norway, Canada and more countries across the globe. Clients who choose app development at Inoxoft are provided with:
  1. Technology expertisetise

    Inoxoft is a certified company which delivers any kind of mobile or web custom e-learning solutions. Our development team uses languages, frameworks and integrations which suit your project in the most reasonable and cost-effective way.

  2. Data safety and clear code

    E-learning apps development at Inoxoft is done in compliance with intellectual property, certification approval legal processes and necessary security rules.

  3. Flexible and responsible team

    Providing software development services we stay ready to change and open to improvements. Our teams’ flexibility allows us to implement the best choice.

  4. Excellent Delivery

    Inoxoft takes responsibility for presenting a client with custom and high-quality products for the education industry. Our delivery is based on iterations which means we carefully plan activities and time negotiating each change with the client.

  5. Product Discovery

    Inoxoft offers a Discovery phase to learn your end-users, market and risks to increase chances of product success. We conduct requirements refining, determine project scope and provide the best time-money ratio for development of educational software.

  6. An individual approach for clients and projects

    Implementation of customized e-learning solutions at Inoxoft starts with exploring business needs, understanding the client’s vision over the product to ensure both sides are on the same page.

Our Clients

Working with Inoxoft, our clients obtain professional collaboration and convenient communication with the team, 100% met requirements, and high-quality solutions that bring them back to us again.


Educational mobile app development services at Inoxoft are aimed at providing you with the best expertise to transform education into a virtual, online and effective process. Hire experienced team of engineers. Receive expertise to create education software solutions which will be adored by end-users. We’ll implement innovative custom features and help improve the product with better functionality optimizing the budget at the same time. Contact us to learn more about educational app development services.

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