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Our android app development company helps clients worldwide to start mobile development for their business. Inoxoft delivers android application development services for iOS and Android. Relying on our experience, we’ve made sure how mobile applications can upgrade business, multiply income and earn a good reputation for companies. It allows us to emphasize many advantages of android development for businesses.

Android is the most adored OS worldwide

This technology continues to maintain its leadership in the market and is accounted for holding about 85% share of all smartphones distributed worldwide in 2020.

Android app development companies are destined to expand businesses and offer them an opportunity to level-up. Google’s titanic search market for
apps – Google play is estimated with more than 100 million installs annually. Android forms the largest, the most needed and adored mobile operating system. For users, it would help them completely digitalize manual work, entertain endlessly and benefit from mobile development by 100%. Its features are approved by millions of users worldwide as secure, stable and favourable for great user experience.

Android Mobile Software
Benefits Business Growth

Android app development services bring an undeniable competitive advantage for practically any business. The smallest startups begin with creating a mobile app for their business idea.

Apps are not only for entertainment, but they improve business functioning, increase the number of customers and help to appear in the arena of the modern IT world. The key benefits of having Android app for your business:

Expansion of the target audience

Audience that uses Android apps regularly is massive and grows progressively. It can be proved by statistics that shows 2.5 billion monthly people are active users of the Android operating system. In 2020, Android earns 87% of the marketing share.

Extensive app opportunities

On Android, there can be created an app for any category. Users nowadays are information-thirsty, so the most specific app will find its users.

Business scale-up

65% of Android users installed apps for Businesses, 97% – installed Social Network app, 79% – installed Finance apps, 66% – Productivity and Health tracking apps. This proves how essential is app development in the Healthcare, Business, Finance categories.

Modernization of services

Investment in creating an app increases employee engagement, reduces defects and problems, eases troubleshooting, declines manual work and clients trust.

Android Development at

Entrust your idea to a professional android app development company and
receive surpassing results. We are a team of 100+ skilled engineers with
extensive expertise and 80 ready projects in software building. Our android
app developers know how to:
Android App Development Services - Inoxoft

Build from scratch Android applications

Android App Development Services - Inoxoft

Web-based applications compatible on Android devices

Android App Development Services - Inoxoft

Improve existing mobile solutions with new functionality

Android App Development Services - Inoxoft

Develop hybrid apps for Android and iOS

Android App Development Services - Inoxoft

Convert iOS app to operate onto the Android platform

Inoxoft android app developers are full-stack and offer services of front-end technologies and back-end technologies. Stable code and end-to-end development are done in terms of defined timeframes on basis of Android, React Native, Flutter, Kotlin, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bluetooth, SQLite, RxJava 2, Dagger 2 and other technologies and tools.

Custom android app
development services

Feature-specific apps at affordable prices done by a team of skilled android app developers. Inoxoft specializes in custom android application development in the way to fit the business needs and with the business goals and match the solution with end-users’ needs.

In the long run, custom android app development suits when you are eager to have the final app with special features, customized functionality, original design. Inoxoft will help you on the ideation stage and enables proper:

  • Definition of the requirements
  • Analysis of business goals
  • Optimization of expenses
  • Accurate scope of project for faster development
  • Reasonable time and money estimation

Originality is always valued

We create visually stimulating UI/UX design solutions and challenge
traditional approaches in software building. Our aim is to affect users’ every
thought and make them install and use your application for their benefit.

Inoxoft encourages building an app that conveys the original idea and preserves the unique vision of the owner. Custom development facilitates new features and new design, that always have a chance to impress users and satisfy them with a feeling of newness.

Parallelly, ready-made solutions offer affordable prices and are presented as universal solutions with a variety of purposes it can cover. Some off-the-shelf solutions are offered as SaaS for many enterprises or independent clients.

Our experience

Inoxoft Android app developers possess 6 years of experience in delivering tailor-made solutions for companies from the USA, the UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Canada, Israel and more. We help business leaders express themselves through software since nowadays a single application forms a long-term reputation for a business.

Inoxoft offers practical and remarkable solutions for Healthcare

  • Convenient platforms for managing patients, creating surveys and operating the records
  • Compliance with HIPAA and protection of confidential patient’s information
  • Android mobile apps intuitive UI/UX for patients
  • Easy access to the database for specialists
  • Cloud and data analysis solutions

Innovate Education with all-in-one software:
  • Advanced content publication workflow
  • Excellent onboarding and customization for each user
  • Creation of interactive knowledge base
  • Functionality extension
  • Chatbot development
  • Integration with external tools
  • Knowledge management systems
  • Content management systems

Simplified Logistics processes with smart systems:
  • Android Mobile app that scans RFID and barcodes
  • Flexible configuration applicable to numerous types of businesses
  • Optimized performance of RFID scanning
  • Product data tracking
  • Templating and compliance with standards
  • Well-thought architecture
  • Knowledge management systems
  • Content management systems

Optimize your Fintech solutions with highly secured and fast loading systems:
  • Finance management systems
  • Mobile banks for Android
  • Money tracking systems
  • Secure transactions
  • Real-time trading platforms

Android app development

As an android app development company, we offer you to estimate yourself the average price for your future Android mobile application. Go to our
easy-in-use App Calculator and it will show you the estimated price range for s desired services and features. An approximate price for Android development at Inoxoft ranges from $1200 – $ 3900. To note the price for each product depends on its complexity and additional features. Additional features include External APIs and Integrations, Social & Engagement tools, Push Notifications, media manipulation, tagging etc

Partnership with Inoxoft


We are outsourcing Android app development company with expertise in delivering custom android development services for:

  • Enterprises
  • Medium businesses
  • Small-sized businesses

We’ll inform you of each detail of the partnership you are interested in. Feel free to present to us your goals and needs. Send us your request, let’s have a talk over the project detail and hire android app developers at Inoxoft to start the project implementation with all the information at hand.

We’ll help you business

As a result of a partnership with our company, you’ll receive high-quality
code and:
Android App Development Services - Inoxoft

High ranking among competitors on the market

Android App Development Services - Inoxoft

Expansion target audience and potential customers

Android App Development Services - Inoxoft

Sales growth

Android App Development Services - Inoxoft

New opportunities for growth

How we Deliver High-Quality

Inoxoft works according to full-cycle project management and project scope
includes the next stages:
  1. Analysis

    We start by analyzing and refining requirements. What needs of your customers have we to satisfy? What value should the final product bring for the target audience? Clear understanding for whom we build and what are core values is essential to plan the project. That’s why creating applications from scratch should include a preliminary analysis of the client’s market, the activity of competitors and the preferences of the target audience.

  2. Creation

    The building of apps is different from the development of the site, but here it is important to comply with the laws of usability. Your customers have certain purposes, which means that it is important to make the application intuitive, its structure must be simple, and the design to be attractive and original.

  3. Implementation

    At Inoxoft project managers plan according to Agile methodology that allows being sure in each detail working properly. Time management and task delivery are regarded with full responsibility. We support daily communication with clients and flexibility is our strong side if any changes in the cycle of project implementation appear.

  4. Delivery & Deployment

    We conduct multistage testing and highly prioritize Delivery. Delivery managers are responsible for presenting the clients with software that inside out meets all the requirements. After the mobile program has passed quality control and fully meets the requirements, it is placed on the Google Play marketplace by Inoxoft.

  5. Maintenance & Support

    Maintenance and support serves for fixing reported detects and enhancing functionality. It usually entails overall improvement of the performance, adding functionality etc. After release, we provide server support and guarantee reliable performance of the application. Since the product is deployed, we ensure assistance in troubleshooting and updating software in case of any changes.


Inoxoft is ready to provide you with excellent android app development services. Experts will easily fulfill the analysis of the niche and competitors.

We work with the latest technologies in the mobile development world. So our outsourcing company will carry out every stage from interface design to publication in Google Play easily. Finally, we continue to monitor the quality of our products for a long time.

Our expertise will turn your idea into a lucrative business model. Get in touch with Inoxoft and order mobile software right now! Feel free to ask any questions. By the way, you can also fill out the contact form on the page to receive comprehensive consultation on Android app development services.

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