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It is difficult to imagine the modern world without mobile technologies. They are just everywhere, occupying all spheres of private and business life. It also may turn out to be a problem to find a person who doesn’t have a smartphone. Moreover, people prefer to purchase new devices every year. Such gadgets are popular not only among youth but users of all ages. They can’t even spend a day without a favorite device

In addition to entertainment, mobile phones have become excellent way to improve business functioning. Social networking system is an even more popular platform for selling and buying all sorts of goods. Among all available gadgets, people prefer to entrust their reputation to Android phones. They enjoy a great popularity these days no matter what a price is.

Owners of mobile gadgets do not only play games or use social networks.
Statistics say that there are sales on the mobile Internet. Development of
android applications will become an undeniable competitive advantage for
your business:
Expansion of the target audience

72% of users choose programs based on Android, and on average a month, mobile users download 25 applications.

Opportunity to search for goods

Users of mobile gadgets not only play games or sit in social networks. 49% of mobile users search from a smartphone 70% of them searched for a product or service.

Sales improvements

Statistics say that there are sales on the mobile Internet. 53% of mobile customers make monthly purchases.

Increase of quantity of orders

88% of people, who come from mobile, buy within 24 hours. About 70% make out the order through mobile projects for Android within 1 hour.

That’s why users want to know about app developers more. They look for
helpful information on the Internet. But you don’t need to do it as here is
everything you need to learn about android applications.

Get know more about
Android development

There are so many Python development services that promise to introduce
excellent web software. But there is hardly a better Django development
company than Inoxoft. The advantages of cooperation with the following
Lviv team are endless. Here are some of them:
  1. Analysis

    Before start writing a program, you need to understand the goals assigned to the project. What needs of your customers can it satisfy? What is its value for the target audience? Answering these questions, you can clearly understand which product the business needs. That's why creating applications from scratch should include a preliminary analysis of the client's market, the activity of competitors and the preferences of the target audience.

  2. Creation

    The building of apps is different from the development of the site, but here it is important to comply with the laws of usability. After all, customers will use them for certain purposes, which means that it is important to make the application intuitive, its structure must be simple, and the design to be pleasing to the eye.

  3. Implementation

    The design of the application is ready - now it is necessary to make sure everything works in a proper way. Here, Android app developers who implement one of the most important components of the
    process - the introduction of technologies come to the stage.

  4. Installation

    After the mobile program has passed quality control and fully meets the requirements, it is placed to Google Play marketplace, where, if you make an effort, it will go down in the top apps for android. Now your potential customers can find it and become even closer to your business.

Even if you think you can manage to do it yourself you’d better order
professional software that will meet all requirements. Do not waste time and
apply to the best android development company.

Where to purchase
professional software

To begin with there are lots of outsourcing services that are ready to offer
Android development. But it is better to choose a really experienced team
which has enough knowledge to realize all ideas. Inoxoft is just such an
outsourcing company. Among the undeniable advantages that the application
from Inoxoft will open for you, it’s possible to distinguish:
  • Sales growth (mobile users like to shop)
  • Expansion of coverage (target audience and potential customers)
  • Low contact cost (significantly more profitable than in traditional media)
  • Convenient monetization (applications can be paid, as well as receive payments within the application)
  • New opportunities (mobile technology market is growing and developing regularly)
  • Availability (You are always close at hand)


Inoxoft is ready to provide you with excellent service. Skilled developers will easily fulfill analysis of the niche and competitors. Mind we work with the latest technologies in the mobile development world. So our outsourcing company will carry out every stage from interface design to publication in the AppStore and Google Play easily. Finally, we continue to monitor the quality of our products for a long time.

Learn how your idea, with the help of our knowledge, can turn into a working business model. Get in touch with Inoxoft and order mobile software right now! Feel free to ask any questions via Skype, email or phone. By the way, you can also fill the contact form on the page and forget about all problems. We will do everything to please you with the final result.


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