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SaaS solution that consists of a web app for specialists to manage and provide their HR services in the form of custom questionnaires, talent analysis, and individual feedback, and a cross-platform iOS and Android mobile application for enterprise managers and employees to receive professional HR consultation.
The Client
Our client is a Netherlands-based company that specializes in providing HR services for enterprises. The company has 20 years of experience providing HR consultancies that make the personnel management system mutually beneficial for leaders and employees of large organizations. As the HR industry has become super important worldwide, major HR agencies, including our client, offer their services at a high level to stay competitive and win the market.
The Netherlands
Human Resources, SaaS

Project Duration:
5+ years
Team Size:
Project Idea

The client received requests from enterprise companies that wanted to avoid the groundless firing of employees and achieve maximum employee satisfaction and happiness. This encouraged the client to follow the latest trends in technologies and automate the process of consultations. 

The business need was to provide enterprises with a web application in which HR experts could manage the system of questionnaires and measure results. Through a mobile app, employees could respond to questions as well as keep in touch with consultants, company leaders, and coworkers.


Inoxoft delivered a time-efficient SaaS solution that consists of a web application for specialists to manage and provide their HR services in the form of custom questionnaires, talent analysis, and individual feedback, and a cross-platform iOS and Android mobile application for enterprise managers and employees to receive professional HR consultation.

Business Value
  • The SaaS model reduces the need for heavy upfront investments in infrastructure and software development. Our client benefits from a cost-effective solution that allows for scalability without incurring significant additional expenses.
  • The automated and efficient HR services provided through the platform can attract more enterprise clients. With a streamlined process, the platform owner can increase the number of clients served, leading to revenue growth.
  • A solution offers a competitive advantage, attracting clients who prioritize advanced technology and automation in their HR services.
Core features
  1. Each organization has its database in the system
  2. Opportunity to create custom questions and schedule them for each employee
  3. Transparent system of accessing users' results and managing permissions
  4. Convenient feed page with a timeline of prioritized questions with indicated ideal answering day for each employee
  5. Possibility to chat and send tips, compliments, or complaints to people with the help of the mentioned monitoring tools
  6. Designed multiple for Android and IOS

Full Story

After the enterprise receives a database in the application, employees and managers register in the system under the organization's name. HR specialists set up the system specifically for each registered organization and receive access to users' information. 

They start by creating specific questions to evaluate the enterprise's current state and needs. They have the possibility to: 

  • manage the content of questions and series of questions: set metrics of psychological characteristics, plan exact data, frequency of questions, and type of answers (multiple-choice, yes/no, etc.) 
  • define the logic of setting questions in the right order
  • report results to participants and add people who have permission to see the answers. It ensures a transparent system of answering questions and reporting on results. 
  • track statistical data of organizations in the dashboard

*The ideal answering day is defined according to employees’ responsibilities and time of engagement in the company

Registered employees access the system through the mobile app which allows them to:

  • scroll a feed page that shows the question of the day, results of previous surveys, notifications of complaints, tips, compliments
  • get feedback and support from HR consultants regarding their characteristics 
  • add complaints, tips, and compliments for others
  • chat with people in groups or with separate users
  • see who has access to their results
  • see an anonymous percentage of responses to questions

They can receive their talent analysis after answering a peculiar series of questions.

As HR consultants analyze responses and gather data, the enterprise leaders can see their company inside out: attitudes of people towards any changes and offers, level of satisfaction with working conditions, and psychological portraits of people. 

Thus, the app allows for obtaining a clear and consistent picture over personnel's happiness, seeing the causes of tense relations among people, and avoiding unreasonable firing. 

Case Study Solution Photo


We strived for the best results and successfully delivered tailor-made SaaS web and cross-platform mobile app with:

  • smooth functionality and security of the system
  • an automated process of conducting questionnaires without delays
  • possibility to send quick understandable reports via the app
  • developed a communication tool to notify about tips, compliments and complaints within a circle of coworkers
  • possibility to analyze statistical data on different levels of organization from employee to the whole enterprise
  • flexible opportunity to handle internal problems and misundesrtandings in the tense working environments
  • company leaders understand the true atmosphere of company and relations between employees

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