Web-based B2B platform for IT Services and IT Consulting Provider

A web-based B2B platform that enables companies to share and manage validated product information according to GS1 standard.
The Client
Our client is a company based in Sweden that offers consulting services in product information and project management.
IT Services & IT Consulting

Project Duration:
5 + years
.NET core, Angular 1.6, Azure, Azure App Service, Azure search, Azure Storage, C#, Entity Framework, MS SQL Server, Web API
Project Idea

The concept was to create a comprehensive solution that could serve as a hub for data exchange among trading partners, ensuring that product information is accurate, standardized, and validated, ultimately streamlining supply chain processes.


Inoxoft’s team delivered a web-based B2B platform that enables companies to share and manage validated product information according to GS1 standard.

Business Value

With top-notch functionality and quality, a platform enables revenue generation, market differentiation, brand credibility, and the opportunity to shape the future of data exchange and collaboration within the supply chain.

Core features
  • Dashboard 
  • Data analyzer tool to track and raise the data quality on user items.
  • Interfaces for integration and exports with custom system environments
  • Add-on modules 
  • Industry templates for trade item information
  • Support for all countries and beneficiaries
  • Features for price lists and quotes
  • Publish product sheets with your design
  • Integration with the user’s internal systems
  • Integration with Validoo

Full Story

Inoxoft solution

Together with our client we outlined a strategic roadmap that addressed the immediate challenges and adhered rigorously to GS1 standards. Our approach included the implementation of robust data validation mechanisms, ensuring that product information met the global standards for trade item identification. 

As the requirements for up-to-date product info are changing, the software is a robust tool to help users validate product information to current standards or find an integrated workflow with their business system:

  • A database has configurable information structures that enable fast updates of datasets. This allows users always to have their items match the latest information requirements.
  • Built-in validation algorithms for item creation and data analyzer tools help users track and raise the data quality on their items.
  • Interfaces for integration and exports allow users to incorporate software in their current system environment and processes.
  • Both information providers and consumers can have their datasets on items, allowing users to add important internal information.

There are two types of users registered on our web platform: 

Providers (who produce/sell goods) use the platform to manage and update these product information. They can: 

  • Create items with business sector-specific templates
  • Get it right with guidance and validations with built-in algorithms
  • Create custom products and ranges with item masters
  • Use integrate and export functions to streamline the process
  • Publish items to all customers simultaneously
  • Create product sheets directly in the interface
  • Keep track of version management and item history
  • Link images and documentation to items
  • Track and improve data quality continuously
  • Manage and share customized products


Consumers (who require the info about items of a group mentioned above)

  • Subscribe to get instant information on updates and replacements
  • Be effective with categorized and organized items
  • Use company view to add important internal information
  • Use integrate and export functions to streamline the process
  • Export product sheets
  • Set up smart workflows to match existing processes


Inoxoft's team:

  • Conducted analysis of the client's requirements for the data storage and management system created according to the GS1 standard
  • Proposed and deployed azure-based infrastructure
  • Implemented a repository for storing templates and items according to the GS1 standard
  • Implemented search by item data
  • Integrated with third-party systems for validation of items created based on the GS1 standard
  • Implemented an item management system based on the GS1 standard for providers and consumers

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