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The 21st century needs of humanity made Finance rapidly merge with Technology. Since financial services have become online, we can not imagine our lives without mobile payments software, application of our favorite bank, customized web and mobile app for personal money management. Not only large corporations, companies, but small businesses depend on the accounting software that saves time, human efforts and prevents calculating mistakes. Transactions between international companies, countries, juristic affairs that involve bank accounts and large sums operations, profit and non-profit organization, charity institutions, foundations to name but a few. This is a scarce list of niches for which Financial technology plays as a “life ring”

Challenges that are a real barrier for financial institutions could be overcome only with the help of digitalization. Cybercrime, sticking to regulatory compliances, big data use, need for automation and fast trading across continents, improving customer services and fierce competition for clients push to actions. We help people and companies competently invest in development of fintech solutions, optimizing expenses – easily, quickly, beneficially, legally and confidentially.

How we deliver custom

At Inoxoft we are confident to offer you web and mobile platforms with high
volume data processing at minimum delay. Based on reviews of our clients,
we can explain why you should trust us with your fintech solutions.
secure web app solutions for Fintech industry
We build secure and robust back end web applications for Fintech industry

Fintech products demand high-level back end development. Due to a great number of software projects, the personal development of each member of the dedicated development team goes along with earning solid experience in financial software. Challenges never scare us. On the contrary, specific cases help us to foster skills in the latest technologies and frameworks. We know everything about integration with 3rd party services, integration with banks, stocks and other financial institutions, storage systems and security support in compliance with all data protection regulations.

We support launching financial startups
We support launching startups

We build fintech products from scratch and help fintech startups appear scalable, grow rapidly and stay compatible on the market. We assist newly made businesses in avoiding data breaches, technical and managerial challenges. Our fintech software development services allow creating a full-fledged system for financial operations with charts, boards, diagrams, sheets at a cost-effective budget.

Win with Inoxoft custom

The financial industry thrives and results of innovations can not be underestimated. Nowadays we can not do without tracking of all our finance resources and understand how much money is spent daily, weekly, monthly. In parallel, financial literacy becoming a more and more important skill, business leaders, CEOs, directors, managers, accountants have started to consider financial management tools crucial to a successful business. Custom financial software development now helps to make a decision not a random thing but supported by facts, figures, and analytics.

We tailored cloud-based solutions for brokerage services. We’ve managed to establish a strong partnership with world-scale traders. Nowadays they use the Inoxoft platform for implementing their worked out financial strategies in real-time and increase income. If you are eager to improve trading business easily, we are on the web-site of top fintech software development company whose products completely automates traders’ works and facilitates trade across countries.

fintech mobile app development

Imagine that you leverage the fintech experience of million consumers, vendors, investors receiving words of gratitude and growing in traffic because people know your platform and actively use your solutions.

Acting as a top fintech software development services provider, specially for you we present digital opportunities to bring these innovations into and become recognizable in the Fintech industry.

  • Cash Flow Management tools
  • Online Banking
  • Automated Trading platforms
  • Accounting software
  • Loan/borrow debt management software

The advantageous partnership with Inoxoft will help you achieve sky-rocket product popularity and experience positive changes in revenue. Providing
financial application development services, we ensure our clients of effective
data protection and of course receive high-quality fintech mobile app
development at reasonable costs. For a better example, you’ll receive:

Data analytics in charts, invoices tables, client/vendor contracts, percentage diagrams
Solutions for tracking incoming and outcoming payments
Integration with banks
Setting up full-service payroll and taxing processes
Automated reports
Tools for Analysis of financial performance
New digital approaches to lending
Life insurance
Bills management
Support with different payment systems
Wealth Management
Risk Management
Tools for Financial Forecasting

How do we differ from

custom financial software development

We specialize in custom financial software development and every fintech company can rely on us in designing, delivery, and architecture for building cutting-edge financial software.

First of all, it is a realization of complex algorithmic automated calculations. We thoroughly investigate the business logic of software projects and specifics of multiprocessing, simultaneous data analysis and counting operations based on strategies, formulas and various determinants.

We understand the needs of our customers and offer custom financial software development, attractive time-money ratio and professional engineers with valid experience in building and designing fintech products.

Our software solutions accelerate and automate the work for accounting and billing management, online banking platforms with optimized dashboards for customers’ needs and everything you need for convenient conducting financial services and successful running of the business. We are that company to implement your fintech projects for personal and business purposes, namely for trading, cash flow forecasting, financial information, sales revenue analysis, and other processes to create better sales, improve financial services and optimize finance management.

Advantages of partnering
with Inoxoft

Everybody who deals with finance and large sums of money need to evaluate and predict how the economy drops or growth can affect the business. Besides, if you are in charge of n-number of employees who depend on the right management, you’ve certainly faced the need to have fintech software solutions by your side to assist in decision making.

We offer to include our company in your list of potential partners and send your contacts for further discussion over the project you’d like to start and its specifics. Inoxoft ensures the next advantages in partnership:

flexible software for fintech industry

The finance technology system is adjusted to all your requirements considering Business intelligence, strategic goals, and operational insights

Dedicated Team of FinTech Developers

A dedicated team of fintech software developers is at your service: motivated, flexible and highly skilled

completely customized financial tools

You receive completely customized tools that meet your business needs

benefit from idea improvement

You benefit from idea improvement and suggestions on functionality from the side of the development team

control the project implementation

You control the project implementation process and regular communication with adaptive to changes engineers and Project managers


We are the first fintech app development company to contribute to Financial technology through analysis, improvements, and commitment of clients’ ideas, requirements and business needs. The result we get is unique and adaptable web and mobile software that has no analogues in the world. We guarantee full life cycle product development at a reasonable price and relevance of the professional skills of our employees. We aim at full customer satisfaction and successfully realized projects. Providing financial software development at a high-level, our prime aim is to help businesses grow and develop expertise in a team of intellectual people.

At Inoxoft, we set a high value for financial technology and how it has changed the way we live, make decisions and create opportunities for investments. Run your business in a radically new way, certainly more advantageous, stable and convenient. Send us your request and receive all the information on how to build Fintech software, customized to your goals.

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