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Nowadays user interface industry is growing rapidly, but UI/UX design continues to represent an unexplored world for many people. The main purpose of the following area is increasing customer gratification with any product as well as improving usability and availability. UX designers play a leading role in satisfying the basic needs of the end user.

That’s why they try to do their best to build software that will be able to make everyone happy. Moreover, it all leads to great investment and helps to support any growing business or even organization.

UI/UX design: what you
should know

UX (User Experience Design)

UX (User Experience Design) covers different components such as interaction and graphic design, information architecture and content. In general, UX design practices integrated approach to user interaction with the definite interface, no matter if it is a mobile app, website or any other program.

UI (User Interface Design)

UI (User Interface Design) presents a narrower task. It is to assist users in organizing interaction with a site or program. By the way, UI includes graphically built technical elements among which are checkboxes, buttons, selectors etc.

necessary for business

The launch of a new product

Do you want to produce a new well or launch some service? UX design should be the first step while UI design will work on the visual image of the project. Such steps will help to realize how future product will look and work.

Full redesign of the available product

There are such situations when customers are not satisfied with the service that results in negative feedback. That’s why creating a changed product is similar to building a new one. The only difference developers can take current users’ preferences into consideration and present a product that will meet their requirements.

Improvement of definite areas

It happens that some section of a website should be fixed or updated. Moreover, it may require a fresh functionality to work properly. Developers take all these points into consideration and offer new ways to improve the project.

A new group of customers

Just imagine you have some new clients but the design of the site or its functioning is too complicated for them. It means the interface or other components need to be changed.

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Our product development

  1. Inoxoft specialists are very attentive to every customer. So our main aim is a personal approach. Everyone will be pleased while working with us as all development stages are clear.

  2. First of all UX developers study and evaluate how users relate to the system, looking at things such as ease of use, the perception of the value of the system, usefulness, efficiency in performing tasks. They also consider subsystems and processes within the system.

  3. Next, they listen to all your ideas and desires and discuss every point until there are no questions. Only after that developers start the process of building the unique product.


The main aim of any software development is to create a user-friendly website or application that will meet all customers’ requirements. Here everything should be taken into consideration in order to make the business work in a proper way. In addition to the concept, navigation must work distinctly. That’s why UI/UX developers are so necessary to accept the really good product. They have enough knowledge to embody all your ideas.

Some enterprise owners try to find out everything about UI/UX design and create necessary software by themselves. But knowledge without great practice will not bring the expected result. That’s why it’s so important to apply to outsource UI/UX project services not to waste money and time.

So do not hesitate and choose Inoxoft as the best offshore software development company. You’ll definitely get what you need and will be satisfied with the final result. Feel free to ask any questions via Skype, phone or email. Cooperation with Inoxoft is your best decision.


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