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Inoxoft is a custom medical application development company that will help you create a user-centric mhealth app for various platforms and devices. Aiming for the highest quality of our solutions and 100% client satisfaction, Inoxoft has successfully delivered 80+ custom projects to businesses worldwide.


Looking for professional on-time custom healthcare mobile development services? Inoxoft is ready to launch your product from scratch and implement your requirements in a cost-effective manner. We provide:

Patient and doctor

Patient and doctor communication systems

Wellness applications

Wellness applications for mobile devices

Web responsive

Web responsive clinic apps for hospitals


Inoxoft takes a personal approach to each client and evaluates project needs and problems in-depth. Investigating what would be the best functional features Inoxoft makes data-driven decisions to build a fully functional and convenient custom mhealth app. With us you can develop tailor-made:

Chatbots and communication tools for patients and doctors
Exercise, nutrition, mood tracking
Sending personalized notifications and alerts
Video conferencing
Symptoms tracking
Health monitoring with data analytics


Are you a hospital striving for successful and quick automation of medical services? Inoxoft develops convenient and scalable mhealth platforms for any kind of medical institution. Enjoy pain-free transition to electronic health systems with:

  1. Custom modules for specialists and departments

  2. Online booking and e-journals

  3. Protection of e-medical data in compliance with regulations

  4. Architecture allowing large scale development and interoperability with other healthcare systems

  5. High performance and stable code

  6. A series of databases including data of national and local levels

Receive multiple benefits

Hire professional mhealth app developers to make the most of technology solutions in the healthcare industry.

Flexibility for personnel

Flexibility for personnel

Prevent specialists’ burnout with apps customized for the organization’s workflow. With the right app at hand, they easily access and edit EHR records. Simplify time-consuming tasks to leverage medical care.

Technology for patients

We support launching startups

mhealth apps development can work effectively for patients. Online scheduling, e-consultations eliminate the need to travel and help save time a lot. Inoxoft mhealth app developers will deliver efficient systems for all types of patient care.

Enhanced healthcare decisions

Enhanced healthcare decisions

Integrations with EHR and EMR systems along with regular patient communication accelerates accurate diagnosing. Health data can be programmed to be analyzed by AI to extract valuable insights out of symptoms.

Higher patient engagement

Higher patient engagement

Custom mhealth apps enable both young and aged population to track their health state and be in contact with specialists. The value of mhealth app development service is tremendous in preventing diseases from growing.

Why Inoxoft?

Requesting telemedicine app developmentat Inoxoft, our clients will be provided with top-notch and reliable services. Our team will provide support from the mhealth app ideation to the final release. We offer:

  • Effective and on-time delivery based on two-week iterations, regular communication and expectation management
  • Best practices of agile development and the highest level of team’s flexibility
  • Transparency and accountability for decisions and changes made
  • Price model that will suit your budget and time requirements in the most favorable manner for your organization
  • Profound expertise in technologies, architectures and information security flow
  • Optimal budget planning with a reasonable reduction in costs at the highest quality of product to be preserved

Our expertise

Inoxoft is a certified partner awarded by Clutch as top software and web developers.

  1. Android and iOS mhealth application development

    Inoxoft delivers cross-platform and native mobile applications for the healthcare industry. Flutter and React Native remain as the most effective and reliable mobile technologies which we use today for building our cross-platform mhealth apps. Let patients, doctors and medical specialists enjoy seamless UX and great customer interface.

  2. Back-end and front-end development
    of web mhealth apps

    Our teams have solid experience in realization of sophisticated web platforms based on .Net, Node.js, React and Python. We are ready to solve your challenges and contribute to project success with the help
    of the world’s best programming tools. Trust us with your idea and receive custom health app development solutions.

Discover your product’s potential

Discovery Phase Service is aimed at estimating the project idea and finding better data-driven mhealth app development industry solutions to upgrade the final product:

  • It is always conducted before development
  • It is at cost service affordable even for small businesses and startups
  • It leads to refined requirements and a consistent project plan
  • It allows clients to see the development cost and time in advance
  • It allows both sides to evaluate risks and replace needless features with helpful ones

Start your project with experts

Hire mhealth app developers and scale up with high-quality solutions today. We ensure security, the latest UI/UX expertise, and stable code to help you discover gaps in medical care and solve them with custom mhealth app development. Reach us today to find details about mhealth app development with us. Stay informed and talk with our experts to launch the project successfully.

Technologies we work with

Our Clients

We stand as a trustworthy custom medical application development company, our clients receive high-quality solutions and build with us long-term partnerships.


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