Medical Device
Software Development

Need to build customized software for medical devices? Inoxoft provides expertise in medical device software development. Hire the world’s best engineer team to renovate medical service with on-time expert decisions.

Our Solutions for Medical Development

Specializing in technology expertise for the healthcare care industry, Inoxoft provides high-quality software development for medical devices. We offer:

Software development

Custom medical device software development

Advanced SaaS

Advanced SaaS medical platforms

Integrating with EHR, EMR

Integrating with EHR, EMR and other medical systems

Implementation of AI

Implementation of AI algorithms and process automation

Real-time data

Real-time data collection and analysis

Scalable and efficient

Scalable and efficient software architecture

Top-notch customized apps for healthcare

Development of software that requires specialized understanding and experience. We are ready to develop software solutions for:

  • Seamless and just-in-time communication with IoMT devices
  • Effective ambulatory patient management
  • Upgrading quality of medical care through automated processes, connected resources and people
  • Analysis and visualization of organs before and after surgery
  • Bluetooth-connected medical mobile systems for disease management
  • Increasing medical staff efficiency by eliminating excess documentation work

Unlock the Benefits of Healthcare Technology

Separate systems and disconnected processes restrict medical specialists from accessing a consistent picture of a patient’s health state at once. Automation and connected processes allow you to see what you’ve never seen before. Our medical equipment software development is aim to:

Accelerate and effectuate collaboration of medical specialists
Protect from document risk and >human error
Experience a smooth implementation of FDA and HIPAA compliant solutions
Increase the capacity of medical services in a digital and data-driven way

Why Inoxoft

Inoxoft’s experience in healthcare device software development includes custom mobile and web solutions delivered for the USA, Israel, Norway, Sweden, and a variety of other countries across the globe. We are an international software development company to offer you:

Why Inoxoft
  • Certified engineers and skilled project managers
  • Cooperation models that suit your budget, timeframes and requirements in the most efficient way
  • Professional software design for medical devices
  • Personalized approach and dedication to the client’s business needs

Our Expertise in Medical Software Development

If you are looking for a professional medical device software developer, Inoxoft will help build first-of-class, AI-driven platforms with a well thought out software architecture allowing easier implementation without constant design changes or code refactoring. Some examples of Inoxoft software for healthcare clients are:

  • Custom end-to-end technology solutions for clinics to streamline and improve the process of 3D printing surgical operations
  • All-in-one connected platform for patient ambulatory monitoring from the first blood test to treatment and hospital discharge
  • The voice-based diagnosing solution that uses AI for an accurate analysis of patients voice and defining diagnosis

Our development process

With Inoxoft, experience on-time delivery of tangible results. The development process at Inoxoft is based on iterative implementation and expectation management. The key steps of the product development process will be:

  1. Estimation & Planning

    Order Discovery Phase service at a cost. It works well for projects with unclear requirements, unknown costs, time and risks. The Discovery phase is a stage of business analysis aimed at in-depth learning of end-clients, market trends which leads to improved requirements and compiling successful project scope. The client will receive all results documented and approved by digital experts.

  2. Development & QA testing

    Inoxoft builds mobile, web and web responsive applications with different architectural patterns defined by software experts. We offer native and cross-platform mobile development as well as scalable web platforms built with the well-thought and future-in-mind technology stack. Development at Inoxoft includes regular client communication and feedback based on demo presentations. In parallel with code building, quality assurance engineers will ensure code and system reliability.

  3. Deployment and maintenance

    Software product will be delivered on-time and cover all requirements. Inoxoft supports pushing the application to production and offers further maintenance and code improvements. We understand your desire to obtain a top-notch app and will find the best solutions at every stage of development.

Hire a professional team

With our healthcare device software services we’ll create products that change therapy and diagnostic process. Inoxoft technology
expertise and domain experience ensure software development for medical
devices to be fast, cost and time-efficient. Hire our expert team and receive
cutting-edge software solutions for medical care.
Reach us today to learn more about medical device app development with Inoxoft.

Technologies we work with

Our Clients

Inoxoft provides expertise in healthcare equipment software development, convinient collaboration and high-quality custom solutions.


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