Equine registration platform for tracking racehorses’ welfare

Equine platform which allow racehorse owners and all people involved in equestrian sport to manage, control and update information about the horses’ welfare, activities and any issues occurring.
The Client
Our client is a Canadian-based technology company that revolves around the horse industry and invests in the equine business. The company and its partners wanted to contribute to equine care and business services by developing top-notch technology solutions.
Healthcare, Business Automatization, Equine

Project Duration:
1+ Year
Team Size:
.NET core, ReactJS, ASP.NET Core, AWS Lambda, Azure, Azure DevOps CI/CD, Azure SQL DB Server, Azure Storage, MS SQL Server, React Redux, Typescript, WordPress Bedrock
Project Idea

The project's idea was to optimize information about the horses' daily activities and organize it into one tracking system, where every activity and event they participated in could be recorded and accessible to their owners or equine industry service professionals.


Inoxoft delivered a top-notch web responsive desktop application with seamlessly integrated subscriptions, which allow racehorse owners and all people involved to manage, control and update information about the horses' welfare, activities, and any issues occurring. A significant addition is a convenient mobile application with complete web-like functionality and a minimalistic interface.

Business Value

Such a convenient horse-tracking system ensures transparency of horse care and absolute clarity of each activity to horse owners and service professionals in the equestrian sport. Developing the application with an adaptive design is a beneficial solution to disturbing and urgent issues faced by people in the horse industry.

Core features
  1. Role-based permissions: owners, trainers, veterinarians, farriers, record custodians, members
  2. 7 user roles support
  3. 4 seamlessly integrated subscriptions via Stripe
  4. Event-driven calendar, management and activity tracking
  5. Ownership-dependent functionality
  6. Different payment levels: trial, blue,
 silver, gold

Full Story

Inoxoft solution

Being an owner of a pet is a highly challenging responsibility, especially when they cannot fit into the doorway of your apartment. That’s where our client faced a problem related to the poor management of important information about horses. And since the equine business is an expensive and prestigious industry, they also wanted to avoid fraud and various scams.

The company felt an indescribable need for the application where professionals like veterinarians, trainers, farriers, and owners or co-owners could make records according to the horse's health status, training sessions, and other events. The main goal of such a horse-tracking system was to ensure horse care transparency and absolute clarity of each activity to horse owners and other professionals.

Horse owners or professional suppliers can sign-up for the application by filling in their personal information to register to the system under the defined role. Briefly welcomed into the system as a horse owner, users can set up a Horse profile. There they can add the horse's detailed information, upload media, schedule horse activities in the calendar, browse pictures and videos, leave comments, and see user expenses and the latest horse's actions.

Inoxoft's team developed an adaptive design of the application that smoothly adapts to different platforms. With a clear view of necessary data, statuses to track special operations, and displaying primary and co-owners, users can experience the platform's features and functionality even outdoors.

Having one or several horses, users can hire professional suppliers for horse care purposes via sending an invite of two types:
  • A potential job offer that requires registration for new users;
  • A request to check-up, train, trim/replace hooves of a horse for registered professionals.

Suppliers such as veterinarians, trainers, and farriers can make horse health status and welfare quality records on the platform. In this way, horse owners are ensured that professionals have taken adequate care of their animals.

To pay for any professional services, horse owners must access the Payments section, where they can:

  • See their virtual account;
  • Choose a horse or a professional to pay for;
  • Choose one payment level in the payment manager: trial, blue, silver, gold;
  • View each payment level benefits;
  • Choose a plan and a payment period;
  • Insert a promo code to receive a discount;
  • Pay for the chosen features via a MasterCard.

The other role-related users, except the horse owners, can also view horse data and leave records on the platform. However, these roles have limited access to all features due to role-defined restricted permissions.


Inoxoft's team provided the client with a cutting-edge solution and delivered the web responsive application that:

  • Helped the client grant specific functionality to horse owners, veterinarians, trainers, and farriers and implement horse tracking with the help of monitoring horse activities, events, logged data, and future scheduled events.
  • Allowed finding horse professionals available on the market.
  • Improved equine business via transparent management and clear records.

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