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Pub: Mar 22, 2018Upd: May 04, 2020
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On the beginnings of December, the Clutch has announced that Inoxoft is in top 10 List of Global Leaders 2017 of Web and Software development. A few months later, the Clutch have presented a list of Top-5 IT Companies in Lviv, Ukraine, where Inoxoft takes 3rd place.

Inoxoft in Clutch top 10 .NET developers list

Why Lviv became an important city of Ukrainian IT industry?

Some time ago, we have been talking about the advantages of investing in Ukrainian IT outsourcing. We can define a few the most important reasons:

  • Ukraine is the west-oriented country;
  • Ukrainian outsourcing inherited the best practices of the Western style of communication;
  • EU residents do not need Visa to travel to Ukraine;
  • small time-difference with EU countries influences the efficiency of the business;
  • the number of IT specialist in Ukraine is increasing;
  • around 80% of the Ukrainian IT services were outsourced;
  • Ukraine has strong IT schools in Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkiv, Odesa;
  • about 200 000 IT specialists are expected to appear in Ukraine before 2020.

As mentioned above, Ukraine has a big talent pool of the IT Specialist and the number is growing rapidly. Lviv is located in the western part of the country, its culture and business are west-oriented. For several years Lviv is advertised as an IT capital of Ukraine. There are a few points that should be mentioned.

  • until the end of 2013, the number of software developers in Lviv has been increasing by 30% per year, since 2013 yearly increase is about 10-15%
  • the city has 8 universities preparing IT specialists, also many IT companies have their own training centers, IT academies
  • the airline connections between Lviv and European capitals are very comfortable

There are a lot of organizations that inspire the development of the industry:

  • Lviv IT cluster – loyalty system for employees of the IT companies;
  • IT House – the apartments complex built with the latest technologies, for a comfortable life of IT specialists;
  • Lviv IT Arena – one of the biggest IT events in Ukraine;
  • Lviv IT Jazz – an annual event, where business leaders, surrounded by jazz music, have a possibility to speak about trending topics of the industry.

As well as, the city has organizations for representatives of different spheres of the IT area, Testers and PM community, IT CEO/COO and HR Clubs, Lviv StartUp Club and communities divided by different programming languages.

Ukraine is the place, where a lot of IT companies are growing up and dying every day. In growing IT market, we should never stop development of best quality of services and provide competitive conditions for software developers. Also, Lviv provides software developers with opportunities for networking, communication and sharing new ideas. Inoxoft is very proud to be on the top of the Lviv IT market.

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