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Welcome to our News and Events page! Stay up-to-date with the latest happenings at Inoxoft. We are excited to share our journey with you. Explore our news articles and event highlights to discover our achievements, industry insights, and upcoming events. Join us as we celebrate milestones, share knowledge, and move forward into the future of technology together.
November 2015

The next tradition which we borrowed from our western neighbors is the celebration of Halloween. Scary costumes with lots of fun, crazy food, and drinks. Fun, isn’t it?

Corporate party
August 2015

Corporate parties are always full of fun, relax and great atmosphere. The corporate party of Inoxoft was even better! We are really enjoying relaxing and spending time together.

Vyshyvanka Day
May 2015

We respect our traditions and enjoy wearing the national clothes – unique embroidered shirts. On this day, all over the country, people wear shirts with colourful floral and geometric ornaments. Inoxoft is not an exception. We are proud to be Ukrainians.

April 2015

During Easter holidays, we all stay with relatives, retell funny stories, eat tasty food and enjoy each moment together. The Inoxoft preserves these warm traditions of celebrating Easter in the office as a true large family. Let the festive mood stay with us for a long time!

St. Patrick’s Day
March 2015

Inspired by our international partners, we are trying to introduce new holidays into our daily life. Celebration of the Saint Patrick’s Day is a good tradition which we continue on a yearly basis. Each time we celebrate this day it becomes more funny and very special.