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AI & Cognitive Services

Incorporating artificial intelligence and algorithmic support into applications, websites, and chatbots in order to enable them to perceive, listen, communicate, comprehend, and interpret user requirements.

Healthcare AI Consulting Firm

Reimagine your business with full-fledged support from Artificial Intelligence (AI) cognitive services. This transformation will significantly enhance the efficiency, productivity, and customer-centricity of your SMB or startup. Your customers, employees, suppliers, and service partners will appreciate this strategic shift.

What are cognitive services? They are AI's emulation of the cognitive functions essential for the successful execution of various business processes. AI is not a source of apprehension; it's essentially a replication of human thought processes, embedded in machines programmed to think like humans. It doesn't replace your role; you still retain control over all decision-making.

We empower organizations to scale, facilitating growth, offering intelligent recommendations, language translation, content moderation, and harnessing machine vision for visual interpretation.

AI technology tools can be seamlessly integrated into your business to:

  • Enhance decision-making by gathering and analyzing accurate, dependable big data.

  • Boost the efficiency of communication across all facets of your business.

  • Heighten security to safeguard customers, employees, proprietary information, and financial transactions.

Benefits of AI Cognitive Services for SMBs

  • AI & Cognitive Services

    Data Usage

    Both the quantity and quality of the data generated by the business will inform better decision making.

  • AI & Cognitive Services

    Analytics Software

    AI-powered competitive analysis tools are available to track your competitors' activities; no more guessing about changes that will impact you.

  • AI & Cognitive Services

    Improved Marketing Strategies

    You will be able to target larger, more specific audiences.

  • AI & Cognitive Services

    Customer Service

    Greatly improved customer service is inevitable with AI technology.

  • AI & Cognitive Services

    Time and Money

    AI cognitive services can take over tedious, repetitive work or even specific one-time projects so employees can continue to focus on your core business.

AI Cognitive Solutions at Inoxoft

Inoxoft, a company specializing in artificial intelligence and cognitive services, is able to amaze you with interesting solutions based on artificial intelligence. 

We empower organizations to scale to support growth, make intelligent recommendations, and use machine learning to create effective solutions across a wide range of industries.

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