6 Common mistakes that every developer makes in the career

Our everyday life built in the way that everyone makes some mistakes. And that is quite not processed as we all are human beings, even in the world of technologies – nothing works perfectly. When it comes to the choosing of the profession or ways of studies – there are some common mistakes made by everyone. So, what are common faults made by software engineers at the beginning of the career and during all the path in the IT sphere? Today, we will review a few cases, which are met often.

Doesn’t matter how to learn to programme

Image — Doesn't matter how to learn to programme

Of course, this statement is true, and you may become a really good software engineer by learning yourself. Nevertheless, if you going to work in the team where most of the colleagues have finished computer science in the university – yours working methods may differ. As well as, you may feel some strange attitude from your colleagues. Despite all that, if you show yourself as a great professional who releases successful projects then nothing will stay on the way to a great career.

Hard work will bring more money

For sure, if a programmer performs many successful projects it will influence the career in a positive way. BUT. There is a big difference between successful projects and wasting all energy on easy extra tasks which will not help you to move forward in the case of proficiency level and money. Somehow, no one remembers small things which were performed, as a result, the glory goes to someone else. In order to improve your career – try to be more visible for team and managers. Also, too hard work leads to overburning which, as the result decreases productivity.

No good deed goes unpunished

Image — No good deed goes unpunished

This point is related with the one above, if you are successful in something, i.e. automation then everyone will be looking for you. Even managers from different departments will ask you to do something for them. In the result, you will have a lot of work to be done, but it will not increase your salary or move you up on the career path. This will just overload you with a job with no benefits.

Requirements may differ from day to day

That is a sad truth for all Software Engineers – requirements may change every day. For example, if you work on the specific set of requirements regarding the project, be ready that next morning after morning coffee you will see the new list of conditions for the successful project to be released. For the first time it will make you crazy, afterward, you will be getting used to it and do not get angry because of this situation.

Thinking that user input is not so important

In the customer-oriented services the feedback plays an important role, and here negative feedback is more valued than a positive one. In the world of IT, user feedback is even more important. Due to the fact that applications and websites are created for users, not for developers. That is why the huge mistake is not taking it into account, it will just decrease the level of user satisfaction.

Working without backup

Image — Working without backup

Do you backup your computer and smartphone regularly? 70% of people say that they do not do that. And if we are talking about the personal device it is ok – as it is the personal responsibility of the user. But if it comes to the work PC – then the user is responsible not only for personal information but for the project on which the whole team is working. So, in case of the disk crash, split coffee between the keyboard or any other issue, you will not be able to work without a backup. Never ignore this important procedure.

Summing up

It is quite easy to make a mistake, especially if you are just starting your path in the sphere. No One can avoid faults, we have listed the most common ones, so you can be aware of what to expect.