8 Worst nightmares for developers during programming

Pub: Jul 20, 2018Upd: May 04, 2020
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Each kind of job has its advantages and disadvantages, which is obvious. The work of IT engineers seems to be an easy one, coders have opportunities to work remotely, from all around the world, have a possibility to mix working and holidays and earning a really good money for that. Is this job really so perfect, and there are no disadvantages? I suppose a lot of programmers would argue and claim that despite all the advantages there are things which can be called as coders worth nightmare. Let’s review what can be so bad in the work of IT engineers.

Image — Coder's nightmare — Bugs in the code

Bugs appearing at the wrong time

Of course, there is never a good time for bugs, especially when those occur after weeks or even months of hard working process, which includes development and testing. So, at the moment when the final version is presented to the team and clients, bugs appear, or even worse, when it appears after final release to the customer, and the company receives a bunch of negative feedback. Even if it is a small one, users will harass you as if you’ve killed an infant.

Fixing another programmer’s bugs

You will not have to do that only if you are lucky, very lucky. But in many cases, you will be asked to fix someone else’s bugs. Mostly it occurs if you are new in the company or after someone suddenly quits the project, without finishing it properly and making a handover.

Normally it is not easy to understand the code written by someone else, and it is even harder if there is not proper documentation or comments to the code.

So, you can imagine how painful is to read, check and fix a code which you cannot understand completely.

Fixed one bug – created more bugs

Image — Coder's nightmare — infinite amount of bugs

One more terrible moment in the programming process is when you fix one bug and that created more bugs. I think this feeling is common for everyone, not only for coders when you find a solution for one issue but a lot of different problems happen to be. Even in the programming, the new bugs are not really new, just old and hidden ones, so anyway it should have been fixed for successful release and work of the application. Nevertheless, that is a frustrating moment.

Bug existing in the library you depend on

There is something even worth than the situations described above, when you are tired from fixing bugs, and the program does not work well enough still. In this situation, you may feel useless and hopeless, and not able to improve the scenario. There still are a few ways to influence it:

  • Request the developer of the library to fix the bug, of course, this is going to take some time. However, you are not the only one the only one facing that issue, so the help will be useful for other developers.
  • However, if you are sure about your competence – try to fix it yourself. This action is not the easiest one to do, but it may improve your level as IT engineer or cause a lot of problems for everyone else working with the same library
  • Last but not least solution to the problem is to look for another library. Maybe there is another one to use, or you may build your own code.

Unknown source of the bug

One more big issue, which is hated by developers – when the source of the bug is unknown. Actually, this problem happens to everyone, in this situation almost nothing can help, developers should work day and night to find the bug, Google search does not help you to find an issue, you feel that answer is outside your grasp.

The best way out of that issue is to make the step backward, refresh the mind, make a break and the solution will be found.

Backup absence when data gets lost

This is probably the worst situation which could ever happen with a developer. We do not live in the perfect world, and even with the great development of technologies – no one is protected from the data lost. It may happen with the sudden loss of electricity, internet or is coffee suddenly split all over the computer.

The only advice is – always make a backup of each step of the work and you will not have to redo the same job for several times.

Infinite problem with semicolons

In the software, programming semicolons play a very important role, and if one is missing it can lead to a big number of errors. Even one missing semicolon can throw up errors all around the product. There can be an even worse scenario when because of the missing semicolon the app just stops working. The situation is not from the list of the best ones, it can be one of the worse nightmares, as to fix the bug you should look all around the code to add a missing semicolon.

Issues with the Internet

Image — Coder's nightmare — no internet connection

The Internet is important not only for coders but also for every person. Nowadays, we cannot imagine messaging, watching movies, reading books and even preparing for exams without the Internet and the main helper – Google. For IT engineers lack the internet means zero chances to work. While Google has even higher importance for developers, as this is a universal source of information.

Summing up

The life of IT engineers is not as brightly and without problems as it seems to be. There are a lot of issues which can be faced while coding, we have described the only a couple of them. You will not regret if you choose this path in the life.

Despite all the issues, the profession of the software developer is full of interesting projects and colorful events.

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