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The IT outsourcing industry in Ukraine has outlived the reputation of the “short-living” industry and became the competitive participant in the technological arena. After getting through an outbreak of 2009, Ukraine grew the IT segment transforming the pilot IT Ukrainian outsourcing companies into full-scale leaders prepared to stand up to bigger challenges. Now, the rising IT nation produces high-quality and innovative software for international clients.

1. West-oriented Ukrainian economic and political transformation

Business-aware as it is, the outsourcing in Ukraine has inherited the best practices of the Western style communication conduct. Our location plays an important role in cooperation:

  • EU residents need no Visa to travel to Ukraine
  • small time-difference with EU countries
  • close cultural proximity with Western countries

IT is a comparatively new industry that gained its current scale due to a growing interest of the international investors. After the downfall of 2009, the Ukrainian economic and legal spheres have chosen the Westward direction of transformation. It resulted in the simplified legal and tax systems with easy finance transfers. Considerable improvements touched the privacy policy with a considerable inclination towards the client rights protection.

Additionally, the simplifications touched upon one of the biggest problems of outsourcing – tax paying and money transactions. Thus, the simplified system of accounting outsourcing in Ukraine appears as another attraction for foreign investors.

2. Increasing number of IT specialists in Ukraine

Ukraine expects a 15-20% increase of IT specialists by 2020. The rising interest in employment in IT is caused by the real chance for confident professional development. The constantly growing number of technologies causes a strong demand on the high-level IT specialists.

Ukrainian companies have entered The Global Outsourcing 100 and proved their proficiency showing the perfect performance on the international arena.

About 80% of the Ukrainian IT services were outsourced which means that the companies manage to meet the requirements of the international clients and keep a competitive spirit on the modern market.

3. Strong IT schools in Ukraine oriented at R&D

Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Kharkiv, and Odesa are the IT centers of Ukraine that annually produce qualified programmers. In 2017, the IT industry attracted more attention from the educational representatives. This resulted in the rising number of the IT schools mastering all-level languages.

The rising number of specialized courses and schools gradually grows the number of potential specialists.

Currently, Ukraine enumerates about 90 000 IT specialists with about 40 000 of them have passed the international certifications.

The predictions are even more promising – about 200 000 IT specialists are expected to appear before 2020.

4. Outsourcing technologies and services vary for your business

Following the freshest trends, Ukrainian IT companies adjust to the needs of the European clients. The Ukrainian market specializes in the production of data management software, E-commerce, media, Cloud, telecommunications, and gaming technologies. To ensure that the Ukrainian IT development produces the software according to the standards recognized across the world, the agency “Informational technologies of Ukraine” revealed its activity. As a result, in 2006, it joined the EKTA proving the adherence to the international quality requirements.

Unlike the average European competitors, the Ukrainian IT companies grew into multifunctional self-standing units – business analysis, consulting, testing, design, and many other services are now being provided at one place.

5. Ukrainian outsourcing – the lowest prices for outsourcing services in Europe

The dynamics of the income growth in the IT sphere are stable and show a slight annual increase. Nevertheless, Ukraine strikes the international arena with the competitive services cost. The secret for superiority lies in the flexibility, fast adaptivity, and innovative technologies used in the developing process.

According to the 2010 Global Services 100 list, Ukraine joined the 20 leading countries providing the high-quality IT Outsourcing and High Tech Services.

The legal and economic spheres are now actively adapting to the needs of the international businesses that is why thу contract signing, as well as the finance transferring, is no longer a reason for consideration.

Surely, those who have a bigger experience of using or providing services to the foreign companies already know the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing, but the fact remains unchanged – they continue their cooperation with outsourcing companies in Ukraine.

The three years of delivering high-quality products and services made Inoxoft one of the outsourcing example companies. Now we can confidently share a recipe for a good example of outsourcing:

  • the contractor is prepared to share the IT outsourcing risks
  • you are provided the full stack of documentation (NDA etc.)
  • the company is a one-stop-shop so it won’t delegate the job to 3rd parties

Inoxoft has a considerable experience of working with the foreign clients. So, you are always welcome to view our projects that are also fine outsourcing examples. Hope we’ve managed to show you the bright side of outsourcing so that when you’ll be estimating the IT outsourcing pros and cons, you’ll go to the “pro-side”.

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