Quality Assurance — a waste of money or necessity

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Even though Salvador Dali had never been a QA specialist, he once said that we should never be afraid of perfection because we’ll never reach it. Well, it was a long time ago and now, when the QA appeared, we can reach perfection at least in one field – in software testing.

You may ask “Why should a client spend money on testing a product if the contractor has to make it perfect from the beginning?” Here works the same principle, as in cooking, only when the dish is done, you may feel the final taste of it and realize what could be improved. You may claim that, normally, you taste dish during cooking – yes, and that is what the QA team also does, the testing is applied to the entire process of product development.

During testing, the QA team analyzes work of the software in the way the user would actually work with it.

Admitting potential problems – sends it back to the team of developers, so it can be fixed. This algorithm continues till the moment when software works smoothly.

Stages of the Quality Assurance Process:

  • Performance Testing ensures proper work of the application during the increased workloads;
  • Cross Browser Testing allows faultless work of the software through all web browsers;
  • Usability Testing aims to find and improve the UX dysfunctions to guarantee smooth navigation;
  • Interface Testing verifies if the interface is up-to-date with all industry standards;
  • Functional Testing ensures that application meets requirements and business goals.

Brand Name Credibility

The good brand name is a product of the efficient work of the PR, marketing strategists, and the quality of services the brand provides. Surely, everything the brand posts and provides bears its name and offering the customers anything insufficiently developed brings about a hype of dissatisfaction. Imagine that you have an online shop and you’ve decided to gain a wider audience by introducing a mobile application. You’ve predicted that the contractor is going to deliver a fully-functioning application and it happens so that the application has a bug. Since nowadays, the users are way more demanding than before, you have only one chance to impress them. In case the application has multiple bugs, the users would use the applications of your competitors, who paid for the QA so don’t let all the job done go to waste and prevent the brand name credibility erosion.

Meeting Client’s Expectations

In an ideal world, the developers make no mistakes and deliver the flawless code but here we see different dynamics. Don’t be misled that Quality Assurance is only occupied with finding bugs. The QA department does both positive and negative code tests to make sure that the code won’t fail to perform and will meet the requirements of the client.

The QA needs to make the negative and positive tests to make sure that the application is functional, visually satisfying, and meets the expectations of the users.

Even the Best Need Some Help

The human factor in coding is the main pain of programming as such but, as experience shows, no one is perfect or flawless and so are the best employees. For a QA, a product is not a mere collection of the separate elements, it is an integrated and complete object. So, even when the best code is being used but the users won’t like to navigate within an application, the QA would demand a change.

The QA is the Client’s Insurer That Takes Away All Burdens of the Client

Quality Assurance plays a very important role in the software development process. As already mentioned – the main goal of the QA team is to ensure a flawless experience for users. The Inoxoft QA team has obtained ISTQB Certification. We are proud to have on board the team of professionals recognized not only by successful project but also by the international certification.

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