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Inoxoft is an international web development and IT company in the USA. One of our offices is located in Philadelphia, United States. Our goal is to make a positive impact with our software development services in the USA. Thus, Inoxoft’s skilled software engineers deliver the best front-end and back-end solutions on the market. Our team can create scalable product solutions to enhance your business.

We partner with our clients using customized Inoxoft cooperation models. These are:
We work to make your business needs into reality. Choose Inoxoft to be on top of your competitors!

Inoxoft provides multiple software development services for the US

Inoxoft is a custom software development company in the USA.We provide the following IT services for the USA market:

Industry-based software development services for startups

Inoxoft, as an IT service company in the US, provides services of software systems development for the following industries:



Manage your healthcare data via an automated and optimized healthcare platform. Experience all the benefits of top user-oriented EHR, CRM, and ERM solutions. Our software developers keep up with the trends and implement the most innovative AI technologies to support better patient management, eliminate medical errors, and contribute to patient treatment strategies. Choose Inoxoft’s software development for USA and enjoy the benefits of your healthcare applications!


Create outstanding educational platforms and portals with Inoxoft. We can make student learning a personalized experience. E-learning is our future. Save up to 60% of costs on digital training and classes. Based on your needs, we can provide e-learning software development with scalable platforms for different domains. Also, we are experts in Learning Management System Development and produce on-demand custom e-learning apps to enhance your educational and business processes. Design School Management Software with us and manage schools and educational institutions via applications at cost.



Inoxoft’s software engineers deploy the best professional logistic software for your business needs. Our Logistic Management Software and Transportation Management Systems include: barcode scanning, cloud capabilities, AI integration, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Internet of Things, and connected devices. Thus we deliver top-notch apps with:

  • Supply chain monitoring
  • Cloud capabilities
  • Freight & Transportation Management systems
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • IEnterprise Resource Planning
  • Production planning
  • Inventory management and Warehouse management
  • Budget predicting & planning

Choose Inoxoft’s software development services for the US! Benefit from your top-notch software every day!


Inoxoft is a fintech development firm. We deliver top secure banking software per your needs. Outsource your software development project to our skilled software developers and become on top of your competitors. We will deliver the best software solution for your business to grow and provide round-the-clock maintenance services. Our main development services include:

  • Secure and robust back-end web applications for the Fintech industry
  • Support of the launching startups
  • Any custom requests

Modernize your Fintech software with advanced web and e-banking solutions choosing our Banking software development. Or build automated trading systems under the technological and domain expertise of our teams via our Trading software development services.

Real Estate

Real Estate

In real estate, Inoxoft offers top real estate software development services with the best features and tools on your real estate platform to manage properties. We are skilled in Real Estate CRM Software, Property Rental Management Software, and Real Estate IDX Technology Integration. Choose Inoxoft to get the best services in:

  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Advanced analytics
  • Risk monitoring
  • Tech-Driven Competitive Advantage
  • Optimization

Benefits You Get with Inoxoft

Inoxoft is the top software development company in the USA. Choosing us as your software development partner you choose:

Team dedication

Team dedication

Development quality

Development quality

Timely work

Timely work

Risk-free  management

Risk-free management

Best application on the market

Best application on the market

Tech-driven decisions

Tech-driven decisions

Innovative market features and tools

Innovative market features and tools

We will make solid research of your needs and deploy a scalable app to promote your business growth. Benefit from Inoxoft’s top software engineering skills and outstanding team-client communication! Let’s build the best software solutions together!

Our Tech Stack

Inoxoft’s engineers are skilled in multiple technologies. We deploy our top solutions via native development, NodeJS programming, Saas delivery, and can use any technology according to clients’ requirements to its utmost potential.


We provide the best custom software development for the USA. Inoxoft’s team is skilled in software development services and delivers 100% finest solutions and exclusive cutting-edge features for the American market. Clients notice it and turn to us again and again.


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