Career preparation solution for potential insurance agents


The client needed an application for training its insurance agents for further cooperation within the insurance company. It had to have three modules: studying information, testing, and a leaderboard.

  • Make consistent and convenient UI/UX
  • Show the live leaderboard
  • Present application in three forms (questions. materials, and leaderboard)
  • The application had to work online and offline
  • Implement a custom analytic algorithm
  • Create a system of reward control
  • Simple and effective UI/UX
  • The application is presented in three forms
  • The automated and diversified reward system
  • The leaderboard refreshes after each test
  • The administrator sees the insurance agent rating
  • The easy and informative manner of information rendering
  • Tracking of agent’s progress
  • Ability to reapproach the instruction materials
  • Three modes: Questions, Questions+Leaderboard, Results

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