Create your favorite TV channel

  • Media & Entertainment
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Java
  • Push Notifications
  • Swift

The Ukrainian channel representatives requested a mobile application for iOS and Android. Meaning to transform the image of the TV channel and attract a wider audience, the representatives decided to allow the publicity influence the content exposed on their TV channel.


Make an intuitive UI/UX design for a wide audience

Improve the strategy of influencing the TV content

Convenient navigation within the application
  • Private accounts of each client
  • Reciprocal communication between the users and TV channel
  • Quick and comfortable voting and polling
  • Personal library and history of viewed videos
  • Flawless online TV streaming on phone
  • Personal profile of individual user
  • Polls and voting for content
  • Categorized TV shows (date, projects. etc.)
  • The users can offer news topics
  • Personal library and story of the search
  • Opened discussion and commenting
  • Reciprocal communication with the audience

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