Video Sharing Solution for Social Networking

Video Sharing Solution for Social Networking

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Our client is a startup founder and an active inspirational leader in her community. She is engaged in event organizing, facilitating and promotes the value of human communication and support via digital means.

Business needs

Working a lot with people the client saw the need for richer communication experiences, especially in times when people stay isolated and far away from each other. The client wanted to build an app that would trigger meaningful communication around certain topics and unite people for celebrating important life events. Such an idea led our client to the aim of developing a new social media network with video stories a key messaging format.

inoxoft Solution
Inoxoft delivered cross-platform mobile application for Android and iOS. The app facilitates social networking and allows sharing video stories to discuss topics, celebrate events, deepening connection with relatives, friends and across communities.

imageProject duration
5 months

imageTeam Composition
  • 1 — Full-Stack Software Engineer
  • 2 — Mobile Software Engineers
  • 1 — Quality Assurance Software Engineer
  • 1 — Project Manager
  • 1 — UI/UX Designer


Video Sharing Solution for Social Networking
Video Sharing Solution for Social Networking
Key features

The solution’s key implemented features:

  • Opportunity to create, view and search galleries
  • Possibility to record and watch a welcome video
  • Notifications about invitations and new stories posted
  • Creating a special gallery for a recipient
  • Permission access defined per gallery
  • Convenient structuring of galleries by purpose
  • Viewing list of contributed stories

Among the challenges we faced were:

  • Adjusting front and back camera views to be the same on Android or iOS apps
  • Solving video streaming issues per specific Android devices
  • Optimizing smooth video preview
  • Developing custom video player
  • Building right business logic for contacts data withdrawing and formatting
  • Creating different user roles based on invitations and notifications schemes
Video Sharing Solution for Social Networking
Video Sharing Solution for Social Networking

Inoxoft has successfully achieved the client’s business needs. We managed to:

  • deliver social networking app for Android and iOS with smooth UI/UX, quality video integrations and the possibility to invite people from contact lists;
  • empower people with the solution which helps start easy but emotionally rich video communication by purpose and notify others about happy moments in an exciting digital way;
  • design features for the next version of the product adding to it more of entertainment as well as educational functionality.
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