Web Application for Shopify Wholesale Merchants

A feature-rich, web app that allows store owners to easily manage their B2B operations, including net terms, custom shipping, order limits, product exclusions, and quantity breaks.
The Client
Our client is a US-based entrepreneur who has been running their own Shopify store since 2013. This experience led to the creation of a web app that streamlines the wholesale sales process.

Project Duration:
3 years
Team Size:
Node. JS, AWS, CloudFlare, CSS3, EJS templating, Express.js, Heroku, HTML, Liquid templating, Ngrok, SendGrid, Shopify API, Webpack
Project Idea

Since our client kept track of separate retail, inventory, and sales accounts for years, the main idea of the wholesale app was to stop managing multiple apps simultaneously to get things done.

They approached Inoxoft to work on the existing application, expand its functionality, and turn it into a comprehensive solution to empower wholesale merchants by solving their business challenges.


Together with a client, Inoxoft’s team delivered a feature-rich, web app that allows store owners to easily manage their B2B operations, including net terms, custom shipping, order limits, product exclusions, and quantity breaks.

Business Value

The app is popular among merchants as they have access to a powerful and convenient tool that simplifies their operations within the Shopify ecosystem.

Core Features
  • Quick Order Form: allows customers to quickly and easily place orders.
  • Net Checkout: customers can checkout without paying.
  • Single Page Order Form: ability to exclude certain products or collections.
  • Product Exclusions: allows store owners to exclude certain products from being purchased at wholesale prices.
  • Custom Shipping Rules: enables store owners to set custom shipping rules for wholesale orders.
  • Wholesale Registration Form: automatically tags, activates, and creates customers in Shopify.
  • Quantity Breaks: allows customers to purchase products in bulk at discounted prices.
  • Customizable messages throughout your site that are only visible to wholesale customers.
  • Translations: display messages and pages generated by Wholesale Gorilla in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and more.
  • Page Locks: allows store owners to lock certain pages on their store, preventing customers from accessing them.
  • CSV Upload: allows store owners to quickly and easily upload product data via CSV.

Full Story

Inoxoft solution

The wholesale app creates a portal and integrates seamlessly into the existing Shopify store. Registered customers can log in and shop using special features that only they have access to.

This is how the system works

In the app’s admin panel, store owners set wholesale discount rules for the entire store or for specific products.

The app then uses the customer tag to offer product discounts to customers who log in to a specific store. When a new customer signs up, the application can create tags manually or automatically.

Only customers with a specific tag in their account can see discounted prices and access a range of features designed just for them: from shopping using the quick order form to completing web checkout.

On the backend, store owners run their businesses and manage their wholesale channels through the same platform as their retail channels.

Except for the core features mentioned  above, our team created an advanced plan where users go beyond the standard wholesale toolkit and take advantage of: 

  • Customizable Wholesale Registration Form:
  • Product Quantity Discounts
  • Customer-Specific Payment Terms
  • Advanced Customer Exclusions


Inoxoft’s team successfully implemented the client’s business needs and helped expand an app with a set of tools to help shop owners create wholesale solutions. Our team:

  • Developed algorithms for the integration of additional functionality into already existing online stores
  • Added set of pages and functionality for the online store, which in turn improved the online store
  • Implemented a new design for the apps’ admin panel

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