How to create a user session using cookies?

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Cookies are defined as pieces of data sent from the webserver to the browser. Websites do this mainly to understand how users go between pages and to remember what information each user has entered. 

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Webpages don’t have a memory of their own. So, users going from one page to the other are always thought to be new visitors. For this reason, session cookies exist and assist websites in keeping track of user movements.

Cookies make it possible for users to go through many pages of a site quickly and easily without prior authentication or additional recognition on every new page they visit.

Session cookies make users recognizable for a website and any page changes or item or data selection they do is going to be remembered regarding every page.

How Can You Set Up Cookies?

Apps on the serverside that use cookies in user authentication are called Web APIs. Each web platform implements cookie authentication differently but setting up cookies allows obtaining valuable information about the authenticated user. 

Therefore, session cookies can be adjusted through the settings feature of the browser you are currently using. Different browsers may offer different ways to configure your browser’s cookie settings. Go to your browser settings and adjust cookies according to your privacy policy preferences.

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