What is Flutter development

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Pub: Sep 16, 2021Upd: Mar 15, 2023

Flutter is a programming framework used in mobile development and allows running code on Android and iOS. Among the distinctions of Flutter is that it’s based on Dart, one more programming language for creating multi-platform solutions. It is a free open source software development kit that allows building attractive and customized solutions in less time with optimized performance and better quality.

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Advantages of Flutter 

Cross-platform opportunities

One of the benefits of Flutter development is that you can write code for Android and iOS simultaneously. Such applications are compatible with different devices and platforms. Also, this technology allows combining cross-platform software with the finest design and fast development.

Design features

In Flutter development new design features can be easily implemented within code. You can create widgets that offer seamless navigation, easy scrolling, customization of fonts, and sizes, etc.

Beneficial plugins

There are a variety of ready-made Google plugins that fit perfectly for different applications

Time & Cost convenience

It takes less time to build an app with Flutter compared to building apps separately for iOS and Android. The cost depends on the hours it takes to build it.

Adaptability to Browsers and OS

Flutter 2.0 adapts to all platforms. Engineers use the same codebase to five operating systems: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux. And for browsers: Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox.


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