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If you want to grow your company, having an eye-catching, outstanding user profile is mandatory, so the target audience can be turned into a loyal audience in a quick way.

This leaves us with a question: how can the profile be designed in a way to attract the interest of the user? There are no specific rules but there are some best practices for designing a user profile page that may be worth considering while you create it. We are here to guide you through the user profile page design best practices.

What is a User Profile Page?

A lot of services create and manage user profiles so their clients or target audience can efficiently interact with a specific business, therefore its owner can collect and analyze data useful for his or her company.

A user profile is a set of components and information related to a particular user. Usually, it contains important information (name, age, picture, and other characteristics) that is used to identify a person. The set of elements depends on the purpose of the page (whether it’s social media, dating app, or employee profile)
Who actually benefits from user profiles?

  • App or website owners as they constantly get valuable customer data.
  • Customers as they receive personalized service.

User Profile Page: Mobile and Website Version

Of course, there are major differences between not only the mobile app profile page and its web version, but in design in general. One of them is that the two are accessed through different devices, a computer, and a smartphone respectively.

When you are trying to access a specific website on your mobile browser, you don’t reach a regular page, but its mobile version contains a smaller interface, to be used on phones or tablets. Other differences between the two include


There are always changes in the screen size of the two interfaces. While accessing a website you use a keyboard what is impossible to manage the same with your smartphone. So, this impacts some aspects of the interface, for instance, the location of buttons.


As a designer, you have to take into account that these two devices may be accessed in different positions. Usually, people use websites from their PCs, while being seated. And for mobile apps, they are used on the go and mostly with one hand. So, you have to remember these differences and ensure that both webpage and app design are convenient for users in any scenario.

Different processors

What works for your website wouldn’t work for your app. Smartphones have slower processors than computers, and that’s why demanding a simple layout for applications.

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User Profile Page Components: What to include

To be successful among competitors, and be attractive to the target audience, it’s important to follow some basic principles of designing a page. We’ve decided to list essential elements of user profile pages to help you out. So, let’s proceed.

Intuitive navigation

Design can become a great tool to make your business work and bring a solid income. But imagine if you get a new customer but the design of the page is too complicated, you may lose that person. So, in this case, some components need to be redesigned.

Easy navigation is a must for your user’s convenience. Every section on the profile page should be simple to access with only a few clicks. And every menu button should deliver the exact right option when they are opened.

Profile Picture

When creating a profile on a site or in a mobile app, whether it’s social media, an employee profile, or a fitness app user profile, people are usually advised to upload a photo and it is the first thing that attracts attention. A picture is essential, so while designing don’t forget to make it possible to upload custom images, and change them as often as needed and in the most convenient way.

Name and nickname

The names section is an integral part of the user profile page designing process. Also nowadays it’s a good idea to add sections for both a name and a nickname, as lots of people use fictional names on different websites and apps, especially on those where a real name is not mandatory. By doing this you can boost traffic to your site and gain loyalty among the tech-savvy target audience.

Follow button

The first association with the ‘Follow’ button is a Social media user profile, but today it’s a must-have component for any app or website that includes some kind of personal profile (Job dashboard, Doctor’s profile, Employee profile, etc). One of the best practices for designing a user profile page is to put the button in a visible place (preferably near the picture)

Activity status

Sometimes it’s useful to see whether a particular person is online. But what will be even better is to give users a chance to divide for themselves whether they want to be visible online. So, consider adding a button that enables it.

Additional elements may include:

  • The “Contact me” button
  • Search button
  • Ratings (if necessary)
  • Location
  • Followers and following
  • Active links
  • Reports

User Profile Design Examples

Before jumping into examples, we decided to share with you a couple of rules our experts follow to get a good UI design on every project, and not just user profiles UX design.

Make everything readily accessible

If the user can’t find what they want in a minute, they abandon your software.

Follow basic design standards

If you want users to find your mobile menu use the hamburger icon and not a grid. Also, think about search bars as they tend to be in similar spots on most websites so if you replace them in a hard-to-find spot people won’t know where to look.

Keep elemental hierarchy

The most important sections have to be at the top of their respective pages, this leads the user through the page organically. 

So, here are a few examples of user profile page designs that we like.

Social Media

Best Practices for User Profile Page Design [with Examples] | Inoxoft


Services marketplace

Best Practices for User Profile Page Design [with Examples] | Inoxoft


Sports profile page

Best Practices for User Profile Page Design [with Examples] | Inoxoft


Travel app profile

Best Practices for User Profile Page Design [with Examples] | Inoxoft


Profile Card

Best Practices for User Profile Page Design [with Examples] | Inoxoft


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Best Practices for User Profile Page Design [with Examples] | Inoxoft

Final Thoughts

In this article, we described some examples of user profile page designs and the important parts of creating them. Remember, that the first impression is everything, and a well-designed profile page keeps your clients loyal, provides a constant flow of useful data, and contributes to user satisfaction.

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