What is amazon ses?

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Amazon Simple Email Service or SES is an email service, which is scalable, flexible, and cost-effective. Using Amazon SES allows developers to send mail from any application. Amazon SES supports several types of emails: e.g. mass communications, transactional, and marketing. Also, as another plus, it is not difficult to configure Amazon SES. 

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What are the benefits of Amazon SES?

1. Quick Integration

It takes several minutes to configure sending and receiving an email with the Amazon SES console, APIs, or SMTP and communicate with your customers right away.

2. Delivery-based Optimization

Your deliverability can be increased with the help of the reputation dashboard with account performance insights and anti-spam feedback. The shared, dedicated, and customer-owned IPs development is rather flexible and can significantly benefit your reputation while sending emails. To improve customer delivery, Amazon SES works with M3AAWG. 

3. Efficient sending of messages

The efficiency of every message that has been sent can be measured with the help of statistics. These statistics include different email deliveries, bounces, and the results of the feedback loop. Email communication also includes the additional email open or click-through rates measure.

4. Security to Scale

Amazon SES authentication options allow you to send messages on behalf of your domain such as Sender Policy Framework and DomainKeys Identified Mail. Also, email sending from any application can be secure with the help of Virtual private cloud (VPC) support.

Amazon SES has global HIPAA compliance, local compliance (C5, IRAP), and certifications (Fed-Ramp, ISO, GDPR) that are valid worldwide.

Amazon SES Use Cases

You can use Amazon SES for:

Transactional emails

Transactional emails are the immediate, trigger-based messages from your application to customers. For example, purchase confirmation or password reset emails.

Marketing emails

Marketing emails aim to spread awareness about certain products or services and send emails with special offers (with lowered costs) and newsletters (product or service descriptions). These messages can be customized or according to the email templates.

Bulk email communication

Bulk email communications and notifications, announcements can be sent to large communities, and also track results with the help of configuration sets.

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