When to Use dynamodb?

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You can use DynamoDB when you:

  1. Experience scalability problems with other database systems that are more traditional
  2. Develop an application or service
  3. Work with an online transaction processing (OLTP) workload. DynamoDB easily manages high-performance reads and writes and its performance is effective and constant across under any loads
  4. Deploy mission-critical applications that have to be highly available 24/7
  5. Need to reduce the workload of your operations team to manage additional database capability
  6. Require a high data durability
  7. Have not enough data for forecasting peaks and valleys in required database performance

Before using DynamoDB, you should think about the following:

  1. Can your data be organized in hierarchies or an aggregate structure in one or two tables?
  2. Do you consider data protection an important factor?
  3. Do you think traditional backups are impractical for the table update rate or overall data size?
  4. Does your database workload vary significantly or what is it driven by?
  5. Does your application or service require ongoing seamless response time within milliseconds?
  6. Do you need to provide scalability, replicability, or global configuration?
  7. Does the application have to store data in the high-terabyte size range?
  8. Are you willing to invest in a short but steep NoSQL learning curve?

Workload that is not applicable to DynamoDB includes:

When to use dynamodb?

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