What is Amazon elasticache?

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Amazon ElastiCache is a web service offered by Amazon. It aims at deploying, operating, and scaling an in-memory data storage in the cloud. Using this service allows retrieving information from in-memory data stores in a fast and managed way. Also, this way elasticache improves the performance of web applications.

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Amazon ElastiCache works with two in-memory engines that are open-source. These are:

  1. Redis – a fast in-memory data store and cache
  2. Memcached – a memory object caching system

With the help of Amazon ElastiCache, you detect and replace failed nodes automatically. Simultaneously, it reduces the overhead associated with infrastructures. Also, it provides resilience to mitigate the risks of overloading databases.

To receive the enhanced visibility of key performance metrics of Memcached or Redis nodes it is vital for Amazon ElastiCache to integrate with Amazon CloudWatch.

In addition, with Amazon ElastiCache and Amazon Management Console it is possible to add an in-memory layer to your infrastructure in a fast and easy way.

What is Amazon elasticache?

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