What is Visual Studio Team System (VSTS)?

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Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) is a Microsoft-based integrated development environment (IDE) created to ease up the process of project development and management. The new name of VSTS is Azure DevOps Services.

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VSTS consists of four elements:

  1. Visual Studio (development environment)
  2. Visual Studio Test Professional (testing environment)
  3. Team Foundation Server (centralized database and source code cooperation)
  4. Visual Studio Lab Management (features creating a virtual environment for testers)

People involved in software development stages are:

  1. Business analyst (analysis and visual representation of a problem)
  2. Project manager (sets timeframes and calculates the budget)
  3. Software architect (develops algorithms based on project requirements)
  4. Software engineer (writes code that is layered over algorithms)
  5. Quality assurance engineer (tests the code to find bugs and report errors)
  6. Development team (people, who deliver a full product to the client)

What is VSTS (Visual Studio Team System)?

Based on the scope of work during project development phases, each of these professionals needs tools to manage and carry out their work effectively. Thus, VSTS offers a package of tools that will meet all the needs of the mentioned experts.

VSTS functionality is based on the Team Foundation Server (TFS), which is its core back-end component that:

  • promotes development collaboration among cross-functional teams
  • has a repository to store configured objects
  • allows collecting data and tracking project activities

What is VSTS (Visual Studio Team System)?

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