What is cross-platform mobile application development?

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Cross-platform mobile application development is the deployment of software solutions that will work on different mobile operating systems. For example, for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows. Cross-platform became an alternative to native app development.

Every OS code has a different native programming language. For example, Android has Java/Kotlin, and iOS has Objective-C/Swift. In cross-platform development, to make an app for both Android and iOS platforms, developers use either React Native or Flutter.

What is cross-platform mobile application development?

Advantages of Cross-Platform App Development

  • One codebase that can be reused on both platforms
  • Costs less than a solution for separate platforms
  • Reaches a bigger audience at once
  • Requires less time to the market

Disadvantages of Cross-Platform App Development

  • Cross-platform apps cannot use all of the OS native features
  • Possible UI inconsistencies on different platforms


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