What is cross-platform mobile application development?

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Cross-platform mobile application development is the deployment of software solutions that will work on different mobile operating systems. For example, for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows. Cross-platform became an alternative to native app development.

Every OS code has a different native programming language. For example, Android has Java/Kotlin, and iOS has Objective-C/Swift. In cross-platform development, to make an app for both Android and iOS platforms, developers use either React Native or Flutter. See more in the tech stack for mobile app development

What is cross-platform mobile application development?

Advantages of Cross-Platform App Development

  • One codebase that can be reused on both platforms
  • Costs less than a solution for separate platforms
  • Reaches a bigger audience at once
  • Requires less time to the market

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Disadvantages of Cross-Platform App Development

  • Cross-platform apps cannot use all of the OS native features
  • Possible UI inconsistencies on different platforms

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