What is a hybrid app?

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A hybrid application is the type of application containing both native app features and web app features. They are quite popular because the code is written once and can be adjusted to multiple platforms.

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Hybrid app features to look out for:

  • To function despite the connection status of the smartphone
  • To integrate with the smartphone’s file system
  • To integrate with other web services
  • To access dynamic content online with an embedded browser

Hybrid app’s workability

Hybrid applications work just like web apps but are uploaded to the smartphone like the native ones. Hybrid apps are built with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Hybrid application advantages and disadvantages

  • Can work on different platforms
  • Is built faster than the other apps
  • Costs less to develop
  • Easy to launch and update
  • Works both online and offline

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  • The app UI will be different on each platform and, this way, the UX will be non-similar
  • The app should be double-tested on different devices to ensure it work fine

What is a hybrid app?

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